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Barcode Registration

What is Barcode?

A Barcode is basically a machine-readable code in the form of a square or rectangular image that consists of a series of parallel black lines and white spaces of varying widths following a set of an algorithm. For having a quick identification, barcodes are applied to the products. In other words, it is the method to encode information in a visual pattern that a machine can read. Mostly, they are used in retail stores as a part of the purchase process, on invoices to assist in accounting, in warehouses to track inventory and among many other uses. Hence, to avail the benefits, Barcode registration is compulsory.

The global entity that manages and standardizes barcodes across India is GS1 which is a not-for-profit organization by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It was established in 1996. It sets the standards and manages the barcode standard used by retailers, manufacturers, and supplies. Near about 2 million companies across 20 industries like Retail and consumer packaged goods, Transport and logistics, Food, Healthcare, government etc. are worldwide using the GS1 system of standards. Hence, it is the organization that controls the issuance of barcode that can be scanned anywhere in the world.

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Different type of product/SKU/variant which has to be identified uniquely by a manufacturer or retailer needs a unique product barcode such as:

  • New product
  • New product variant
  • Change of name
  • Major product description change
  • Declared contents change
  • New packaging type
  • Declared changed weight or volume
  • Free gift attached

The different pack usually depends on the sizes (for example, 1 kg, 200kg, 500g) and the combined items in a promotional pack like new pack represent a new product variant/SKU/type so it requires a new product barcode of course for its unique identification. On the other hand, products with different colors, pack sizes/sizes, quality, styles etc are required to be considered as different product variant/SKUs.

Procedure of Barcode Registration

What Is Included In Our Package?

Documents required for the Barcode registration

Documents requirements may vary state to state in case of shop establishment certificate as every state has a different registration procedure. Following are the documents:

  • PAN Card of the company/ PAN Card of the proprietor for a proprietorship firm
  • One copy of the Audited Balance Sheet
  • Company letterhead revealing a request for barcode allotment
  • Any proof about the status of the applicant company such as:
    • GST/VAT registration certificate for Proprietorship firms
    • GST/VAT registration certificate or partnership deed for Partnership firms
    • GST/VAT registration certificate and ROC certificate or MOA (Memorandum of Association) for Private/public Ltd. company
    • GST/VAT registration certificate or Registrar of Society (ROS) certificate for other entities such as HUF, Registered Society etc.
    • A copy of canceled cheque of the company.

Business Benefits of Barcode

The motive behind the innovation and development of barcodes was to improve the speed of sales transactions. But besides this only reason, there are several other benefits also that businesses are availing. These includes:

  • Eliminate Human Error:With the introduction of barcodes, the possibility of human error came down to negligible. The chances of error by manual entering of data is significantly higher than that of barcodes. Whereas, mere barcode scan is enough to save time as it is fast and more reliable.
  • Reduce training time:With the help of barcode registration system, a business can easily reduce its time of employee training. It takes just a minute to master the hand-held scanner for reading barcodes. Moreover, employees are not having gain familiarity with an entire inventory or pricing procedure. It is not only confined to time-saving but it makes the training procedure less expensive.
  • Inexpensive design and printingBasically, they cost very less regardless of their purpose or where they will be affixed. You can customize it economically in a variety of finishes and materials.
  • Versatile in natureBarcodes can be used for any kind of necessary data collection. It can include either pricing or inventory information. Furthermore, it can be attached to just about any surface and they can be used to track not only the products themselves.
  • Improves Inventory control:As barcodes made it possible to track inventory so precisely, inventory levels can be reduced. This usually translates into a lower overhead. Besides, you can also track the location of equipment and reduce the time of searching.
  • Provides better DataAs soon as the barcode is ready to be used for inventory and pricing information, you can obtain the data more quickly. However, you can also customize it to contain other relevant information according to the requirement. Its data is generally more fast and reliable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Rapid Data availability
    As the information is scanned directly into the central computer, it is instantaneously ready. This ensures that even minutes will not be wasted on data entry or retrieval.
  • Promotes better decision makingIt is possible to make more informed decisions as it obtains rapid and accurate information. So, the better decision making basically saves the time as well as money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Barcode?

A barcode is a machine-readable symbol in the form of numbers and parallel lines used universally to identify and track different products. In retail stores, they are basically used as a part of the purchase process, in warehouses to track inventory, on invoices to assist in accounting and among many other uses.

2. Why do I require a Barcode for my products?

In the current scenario, almost all retailers rely upon the barcodes to manage pricing, a sales figure, stock, ordering, and inventory. It is a common requirement for most of the retailers. To create a widest possible market for your product as well as an audience, it is strongly recommended you to obtain a unique barcode to assign your products.

3. What amount of barcodes should I get?

Every unique item that you intend to sell requires a EAN/UPC number. Each product variations need unique barcodes per variation to satisfy the requirements of global retailers. For example, you intend to sell a clothing item in a few different color schemes and sizes a separate unique barcode number is required for every different variation.

4. How does this barcoding work?

At the time of supply of new products to the retailers and stores, you are required to fill out your product’s information on a form which will link your products and business information to your assigned barcode. Then, the retailer then enters your product item and business information manually on their sales software inventory thus allowing your products to scan at the POS.

5. Are barcodes issued by India accepted by all Indian retail outlets and stores?

India barcodes provide the GTINs which is 100% genuine, originate with GS1 and are thus accepted by the most retail outlets within India and globally. So, we suggest you make contact with proposed retailers for the intended supply first and make inquiries about their individual policies and arrangements before purchasing.

6. Do barcode store information?

No, the barcode is simply a guaranteed unique identifier which is linked to your products and recorded into a retailer’s inventory.

7. Can a barcode be expired once I get it?

Never, the codes are yours permanently after you have purchased a barcode.

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