Business setup in Dubai: Process, Advantages, cost and paperwork

Dubai's Mainland business setup is a very alluring option for a corporation wishing to reach these regions' constantly increasing markets because it is regarded as the top business location in the Middle East. Around thousands of options are available for business setup in Dubai. Once a decision has been reached, the following stage in the procedure is to get the DED (Department of Economic Development) to approve the business. Then, a huge list of business models available in Dubai mainland is made available to the person. These business models may include many of the business types like import or export, building an e-commerce website, or opening a simple confectionery outlet. Before moving forward with setting up business in the mainland, thorough research must be carried out. So, this blog discusses how Dubai is regarded as the best country for business setup in Dubai.

Process of Business setup in Dubai

  • World Bank statistics show that Dubai is currently in the top 10 locations for forming a corporation. Every applicant must adhere to a rigorous application process that has been established by the government in order to establish a business in Dubai.
  • A legitimate name is also necessary when establishing a business on the mainland because it is crucial to legal proceedings. The name of the company established in Dubai should indicate its type.
  • The proposed business' memorandum of association stipulates merely a part of the capital, although in some circumstances, business setup in Dubai does not even call for a minimum capital need.
  • When choosing to start a company in Dubai, a person is typically best served by using a SWOT analysis as a guide.
  • In addition to all of this, it is crucial to understand the type of business that one wishes to establish in Dubai, as this will clearly define the kind of license that is needed by the person or the company.
  • It could be necessary to get approval from government agencies before starting a business. There is now no requirement for a local partner when starting a professional or service business in Dubai; you can obtain 100% ownership.

Perks of starting a business in Dubai

  • The Dubai government has also developed adaptable rules for doing business abroad for the comfort and security of investors as well as the nation. As a result of business setup in Dubai, investors pour into the city to form startups, sister franchises, and multinational enterprises.
  • Any new or small firm must create its own network in the contemporary era of networking and the digital world in order to build a strong reputation through word of mouth and eventually have prosperous commercial prospects.
  • When it decided to allow foreign investors to launch businesses in Dubai, the Dubai government made a smart and favorable decision.
  • With the aforementioned information in mind, it is essential for any small business to locate a reliable business setup partner that can assist them with the establishing process while abiding by all relevant laws.
  • Minimal financial commitment and flexible options for choosing the perfect location are necessary for business setup in Dubai.
  • If you want to start a business in Dubai, the value for time and effort is high, the risk is minimal, and there is significant market exposure.

What is the mainland license for Dubai?

To find homes that meet one's needs, as well as help with finding facilities like water, power, and the internet, are all available on the mainland; alternatively, one can choose to open a business in Dubai. Renting commercial space and starting a business are essential. The DED will give first approval to start a company in Dubai after receiving the tenancy agreement, Real estate regulation authority documentation, and EJARI. Read Also This - How Can a Real Estate Business Be Established Up in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is expensive

It costs a lot of money up front to start a business in Dubai because you need to pay for things like office space, staff visas, license fees, and other things. The price varies depending on the sort of business—commercial, service, or industrial—as well as the legal structure— establishment, corporation, or branch—that is sought to be established. The location of the business in Dubai and whether it will be located on the mainland or in a free zone are two additional elements that affect cost. Businesses located in free zones and on the mainland both have advantages and disadvantages since separate procedures must be followed in order to launch each type of enterprise.

What paperwork is required to open a branch office?

  1. Articles of association, memoranda of understanding, and certificates of business registration are all examples of incorporation documents.
  2. For the registration of a new company in the UAE, a trade license must be obtained by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or another appropriate government in the UAE.
  3. Copies of the shareholders', directors', and branch office's branch office's authorized signatories' passports.
  4. A letter from the parent company stating that it has no objections to the branch office being established in the UAE.
  5. A bank reference letter from the neighborhood bank of the branch office attesting to the company's good standing and availability of funds.
  6. A parent company power of attorney authorizing a representative in the UAE to act on the parent company's behalf.
  7. An office lease agreement in the UAE that confirms the terms and circumstances of the lease for an open company in Dubai.


We hope you now have some knowledge about how to set up a business in Dubai. If you need any additional assistance with the registration process, get in touch with LegalRaasta consultants. Conducting business on the mainland is a very time-consuming process that can be made viable and simpler with our advisers' help. So, contact LegalRaasta professionals to obtain all the paperwork required for your license process.
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