What are Service Marks?

Service Marks are the type of trademark used in different countries of identifying services only. We can say that service marks are like trademarks done only for the services provided by the organization When someone registers for the service mark successfully the standard symbol of registration is used by them. This mark can also be used when the practice of trademark is done it can be used there also.

What is Trademark?

Trademark registration is specifically a unique identification of the business product it can be anything like word, symbol, device, product or any combination which is used to identify and distinguish them from the other products available and make an image in the market like PepsiCo have the trademark of the blue color which cannot be copied that will be against the law or we say like the coca-cola have the red color trademarked by them so no one can copy these things so making the copy illegal.

Trademarks and Service Marks

Whether it is Service Mark or the Trademark their main motive is same as they both works like a protection of the product or the service of the individual or business or any legal entity in the market and help them in making their product or service unique from the other products offered by the competitors available in the market.

Trademark or service mark both have the same procedure to get registered by the individual or any legal entity in the market. These are even used as the intellectual property of the registering person which is treated as the same as the other property except that these are registered assets so that other persons are not able to use these without the permission of the owner of the property.

In both of the cases whether it is Trademark registration or the service mark when you want to register your product or service for them your product or service provided should also be as much unique or we can say that product or service that is to register should be unique in itself first no one should have registered it before. To help see violations of existing trademarks to avoid objections, concerned parties should conduct a trademark search.

Both of these are counted as a different legal creature and the rules governing them are also different but the motives and procedures are the same for both of them just the main difference is that service mark is only for the services provided and trademark can be for anything unique in the market.

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