A logo is a design that handles the all-important task of symbolizing an organization or, in some cases, an individual. Some of the most famous brands have what most would say, an iconic logo. The examples range from the Apple logo of Apple Inc. to the 4 tiled or “Window” logo of Microsoft Corp. and might even include the simple golden arches of McDonald’s and the subtle yet elegant looking Nokia logo.

A trademark registration can be a name, word, symbol or device that is used in business or trade to denote a good’s source and to make it stand out from the rest. A lot of times a logo is used as a major trademark as most of the time it is a unique object that is relatable to a business or its related products.

Listed below are the various reasons as to why you need to register your logo as a Trademark:

  1. Brand building: When deciding on the logo of a business venture we try to ingrain the emotion and vibe that will be associated with the business for its entire lifespan.
  2. Keeping the logo personal: If someone else with a small business and similar logo pops up then it will present a difficult situation where the 2 businesses and their products will be confused with one another. Being without a trademark doesn’t provide the logo with any protection. For e.g. when Burger King wanted to register their logo in India, they found that there were several businesses that had already trademarked “Burger King” in their logos and are still locked in legal disputes to retain their brand. Additionally, they are paying huge sums in legal fees to be able to fight these cases and display their logo. Further, in Australia, Burger King had to create a completely new brand called Hungry Jack’s just because somebody already owned their title. Besides with recent changes in laws, you can protect your brand in multiple countries with a single application.
  3. It’s unique and this makes it easier: When looking at all the aspects of a well-established business we might notice that the only unique thing in the organization (when compared to its competitors) is the logo. A logo helps to create a distinction between your business and your competitors by creating brand loyalty. It differentiates your products from others and helps bring in repeat customers. Soon, you can market not only your products but even your brand and blow away any rivals.
  4. Makes the venture more secure: In a case of any trademark infringement, if not trademarked, then you might not be able to sue the other party for damages because it becomes more difficult to prove prior usage especially for small businesses. Hence, to register a logo is very important. It stops other businesses from profiting off of you by passing off their products as yours. Besides if somebody else registers your logo as their trademark, then you can be prevented from using your brand and lose your business. It also prevents you from expanding your business into other markets.
  5. Makes the brand iconic: As we register a logo, we tend to gain more confidence about the venture and push it through to the customers. Once the logo becomes easily recognizable, it might start a cult following and might turn the brand into an iconic venture. This will guarantee certain perpetually loyal customers and a big fan base. This way you can earn money by putting your logo on small merchandises and marking up the price. For e.g. Ferrari or Mercedes key chains and other memorabilia.

So, better be safe than sorry. Get out there and lock-in your logos with the help of LegalRaasta.

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