Today, the commercial sector of juice bars is expanding extremely quickly. All juice stores and enterprises must register with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) or obtain a license from them. Depending on the nature and size of the fruit juice business, different types of FSSAI licenses may be required in addition to FSSAI registration.

Juice sales have been slowly and gradually increasing over the past few decades. They actually did well in the Indian market and are rapidly developing on a national level. Fruit juice sales have increased across the nation as a result of people’s increased awareness of their health. As a result, now is the ideal time to launch a fruit juice company in India, for which you need a fssai registration license. This article discusses how to obtain a fssai registration license for your juice bar and how legalraasta may assist you.

What are Juice Shops?

One of the industries that is expanding quickly is the juice industry. Juice stores are more prevalent in metropolitan areas than in rural ones. You may anticipate profit in this juice bar business pretty quickly. The success of a juice bar is influenced by the store’s location, the caliber of its products and services, and hygienic considerations. Juice stores come in a variety of varieties, including fruit juice stores, flavored juice stores, and soda stores. You can locate a juice bar that sells all of the juices mentioned above, but you’ll need a foscos registration license to do so. If your FSSAI license expires, start renewing your FSSAI food license immediately to prevent any penalties.

More than any other age group, children love juice bars. To manufacture juices, it should utilize standardized and high-quality ingredients. Any form of adulteration might have negative health effects. Even it has the potential to be lethal. Therefore, all juice stores must adhere to the provisions of the Food Safety Act and hold a valid FSSAI registration license.

Why is FSSAI License Important for Juice Shops?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is responsible for overseeing the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), a government agency that controls food safety in India. It creates FoSCos (Food Safety Compliance System) to obtain an FSSAI food license in India and aids in fssai food license renewal. Any food business must register with the FSSAI in order to obtain an FSSAI certificate before opening for business. The food industry encompasses not only food preparation but also food handling, distribution, and retailing.

Juice-based beverages are quite popular among children and teenagers. Numerous juice bars were shut down and their proprietors were arrested for using adulterants. Any juice bar must adhere to the rules of food safety procedures. Juices from your shop will be safe to consume and free from contamination thanks to FSSAI registration certificate. You can also comply with any legal obligations under the Food Safety Act if you have an FSSAI certificate.

Juice shops can be launched in one of two ways

  • Opening a fresh fruit juice shop: The applicant has the option of opening a fresh fruit juice shop in order to launch his fruit juice business. A minimal amount of funding is needed. Snacks or food products can also use it to increase their earnings. Its success totally depends on where the juice bar is located and whether it’s in a more hygienic area to protect people’s health and obtain an FSSAI registration license.
  • Starting a Pre-Packaged Juice Business: The idea of traditional, disorganized fruit juice stands has been overtaken in India in recent years by the trend of bottled or pre-packaged fruit juices. Furthermore, improvements in cold chains, packing methods, and food processing technologies have made it possible to distribute and ship fresh fruit juice over a wide area while keeping it fresh. This also requires a fssai license to demonstrate its authenticity and quality of standards. The fssai standards for fssai food license renewal and fssai license should also be taken into consideration while setting this.

Procedure to open fruit juice

  1. The first and most important stage in starting a fruit juice business is to decide logically whether the applicant wants to own its own shop or is going to hire on a rental basis.
  2. This company must be started with a minimum of three employees and then grow as necessary to meet market demands.
  3. Fresh produce, some dry fruits, strawberries, and a supply of these items are needed as raw materials. The applicant must decide whether to purchase equipment and cooking utensils.
  4. To start a fruit juice business in India, the applicant must have a fssai registration license.
  5. If your license expires, you should also Apply for an FSSAI license renewal to avoid penalties.

How do juice shops obtain an FSSAI certificate?

  1. Get your fruit juice business strategy ready.
  2. Calculate the amount of fruit juice you sell annually.
  3. Choose the licensing category that applies to your juice shop.
  4. Complete the application and the required paperwork for the foscos registration license.
  5. Reimbursing the fee.
  6. Send the application to the appropriate department.
  7. If there is any inaccurate information in your application, you should exercise caution. Your fssai registration may be cancelled by the FSSAI.
  8. Within 30 days, or around four and a half weeks, the revised form must be returned.
  9. The license may need to be approved by FSSAI within 15–45 days, or roughly one and a half months.
  10. You should also renew your license using the fssai food license renewal method if your application expires.

Acquire your fssai registration license more easily

You could believe that going through all of these hoops to obtain a Foscos registration certificate is challenging. The industry leader in services for FSSAI license certificate registration and fssai food license renewal. Everything you need to do to obtain an FSSAI license will be handled by our specialist. And a license will be delivered right to your door. We also assist you with fssai food license renewal if your license expires.


After learning about this market’s rising trend and growth, which requires relatively little capital, many people are interested in investing in it. As a result, now is the ideal time to launch your firm, for which you need an FSSAI registration license.

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