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MSME Data Bank Registration

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Procedure To Obtain MSME / SSI Registration Certificate Online

Fill the form provided online with all the relevant details. Even attach a relevant ID Proof.

Do payment procedure safely using Debit Card, Netbanking or credit card.

All the details will be Valid and Registered in
MSME Databank

You can find their details and credentials of MSME Databank in their email ID.


MSME Data Bank is the heading business database in India that is a compulsory registration for all the MSME registered units. This database is produced and prepared for the scope of public procurement policy by Government in which 20% of the procurement for Government projects should be done mandatorily from the MSME units.

According to the MSMED Rules, 2016 giving your business information in MSME Databank is necessary and for benefiting your business.

What Is Included In Our Package?


Building comprehensive live digital databank of MSME online with the purpose to assist MSME to participate in the procurement process under the public procurement policy of the goverment of India. The people having a Udyog adhaar registration certificate can easily apply for MSME databank registration.

Main Privileges of having an MSME Certificate or Udyog Aadhaar Certificate

  • From Banks, you will receive decreases in the rate of interest.
  • From every bank, you will get 100% Collateral Free loans.
  • On the international Trade fair, there is a specific consideration.
  • In Goverment Departments and tenders there is a reservation in security deposits.
  • Credit ratings and National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) Performance.
  • 1% is exempted on the rate of interest on overdrafts.
  • In Electricity bills, there is a great concession.
  • The Bar Code Registration Subsidy.
  • For patent registration, there is a 50% Subsidy.
  • Repaying of ISO Certification

State Goverment Provided Benefits

Many of the states give benefits to those -Who has enrolled under the MSMED Act subsidies on taxes, power and entry to state-run industrial estates. In special, there is a sales tax exemption in a maximum number of states and buying choice on goods produced.

State Goverment giving the support services

  • The credit facilities are extended.
  • Expansion of industries support and services.
  • For warehouse construction availability of developed sites.
  • Providing training facilities.
  • For use in MSME hire-purchase of machinery.
  • Within the country and outside(Export) there is Assistance in marketing.
  • In underdeveloped areas, there is assistance for construction of industries.
  • For enrichment of technology in MSME- support in the capital technical consultancy, and so on.

Note: is owned and operated by a consultancy firm and in no way represent any relation to any government body or

Central goverment provided benefits

From time to time the central government of India keeps spreading the schemes to profit MSMEs :

Credit Guarantee Scheme

One of the main fights is that small scale industries face is credit and input of income from multiple sources to help them. The Credit Guarantee scheme launched to support MSME. That begins with alterations to make it more profitable for small traders:

The striking features of the scheme comprise:

  • Improving the optimal eligibility loan from Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh.
  • Loans took in the North Eastern region of the country.
  • For Micro enterprises, the loans are up to Rs.5 Lakhs
  • Increasing the extent of guarantee cover from 75-80 %. This is for women operating medium and small scale enterprises.
  • Decreasing the one-time guarantee fee for the benefits of every loan in North Eastern India from 1.5-0.75%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I register for MSME Databank without having Aadhaar Number, Udyog Aadhaar Number or PAN?
For registration on MSME DataBank- Aadhaar Number, Udyog Aadhaar Number & PAN are mandatorily needed.One cannot register on MSME DataBank without these.
2. I have got an e-mail including user name and registration number for the portal, but have not received a password. Why so?
Please wait for some time. One will get a separate e-mail including login credentials.
3. Where can I communicate in a state of any technical issue?
For any issue, you can contact with an expert team of our website LelgalRaasta.One can easily find or number on the website. Call us at +91 8750008881
or one can drop an e-mail at [email protected]
4. My category is shown as Services while registering on MSME DataBank, but I am a manufacturing unit. Why did this happen?
We are fetching this data from your Udyog Aadhaar.In the state, you have defined yourself as a Service organization. while enrolling on Udyog Aadhaar.The similar thing will display here.
5. I would like to update my e-mail id. How can I do that, as my registered E-mail ID is incorrect and even I have not received a login ID and Password?
There is a link Update e-mail provided on the homepage of our website under help menu applying this you can update your E-mail ID. Also, can resend the login ID and password to your new E-mail ID.
6. What is the validity time of the MSME certificate?
The Provisional Registration Certificate will be valid for a fixed time of 5 years from the date of issue of PRC.

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