The NGO and CBO have a great difference. An NGO is a non-governmental organization, a non-profit organization. Meanwhile, the CBO is the acronym for community-based organizations. They work on the same level and share a common goal – the welfare of society and the people. The world surrounds by social, economic, spiritual, and emotional problems concerning. These organizations support those who need to deal with all uncertainties more effectively.

So, in this article, we are going to closely observe the similarities and differences between NGO and CBO. But before moving on let’s understand their meanings.

What is CBO?

Community-based organizations (CBO’s) are nonprofit groups that employment at an area level to enhance life for residents. the main target is to create equality across society altogether streams – health care, environment, quality of education, access to technology, access to spaces, and knowledge for the disabled. The inference is that the communities represented by the CBO’s are typically at an obstacle. CBO’s are typically, and almost necessarily, staffed by local members – community members who experience first-hand the requirements within their neighbourhoods. Besides being connected geographically, the sole link between staff members and their interests is usually the will and willingness to assist. Occupational skill sets and knowledge are greatly diverse.


What is NGO?

While the term “NGO” has various interpretations, it’s generally accepted to incorporate private organizations that operate without government control which are non-profit and non-criminal. Other meanings further explain NGOs as associations that are non-religious & non-military.
A non-governmental organization (NGO) may be a non-profit, citizen-based group that functions independently of the state. You can apply for NGO registration. Civil societies also refer to as civil societies, organize at the neighbourhood, national and international levels to serve specific social or political needs and are cooperative rather than commercial.
There are 3 sorts of NGO in India :
1) Section-8 Company
2) Trust
3) Society


What are the Advantages of NGO and CBO?

NGO Advantages :

  • No interference in politics and governance.
  • Free to improvise, as per the case, the job plan.
  • Facility to contact higher government officials.
  • Manageable funding sources

CBO Advantages :

  • The local members usually are the employees of CBOs.Thus the chances of disagreements in the team are next to zero.
  • CBOs are better familiar with local concerns and development issues. Since they worked at a grass-root level, it becomes easier for them to stipulate subtle solutions for a given problem
  • Being restricted to a limited area, CBOs’ access to the community problem is comparatively better than most NGOs.


Similarities between NGO and CBO

The purpose of the Operational Guidelines is to “bring a few systematic and transparent process for identification, field appraisal and selection of suitable NGOs, CBOs and other network-based organizations and undertake technical and fiduciary monitoring of the work of such NGOs/CBOs to supply prevention and care and support services to the target community.” the precise objectives are :

  • Describe the method involved in calling for applications, partner identification, appraisal and contracting, capacity building of partners, monitoring, and evaluation.
    • Define the steps in each stage and description of the method.
    • Let State AIDS Control Societies/Technical Support Units (TSU) to determine procedures for the varied stages by adapting them to specific contexts.

How the NGO and BCO gets fundings?

There are plenty of differences between NGOs and CBO, but there one thing in common. What is that? This common similarity exists concerning the source of funding. Both entities do not have a concrete source of financing. Their funds mainly come from corporates, celebrities, and the society backed by elite people. These are the only medium that voluntarily makes donations to strengthen these entities.

NGO and CBO make a sincere effort to help the needy ones, and once they become popular, the funds start rolling in their account. For example, during the natural disaster, Goonj, regarded as the top NGOs in the country, is in the abundance of funds and donations done by the public. Henceforth, this is how these entities do money accumulation.

As cited above, CBO work on a local level and their funding source reside in these regions only. Hence, they have no concrete funding platform like NGOs, which help them to execute the strategy.

Difference Between NGO and CBO?

There are various points of differentiation between the NGO and CBO that are :

Operational Procedure of NGO and CBO

These entities have an efficient compact that differs from governmental authorities. Their option is not made by the people for the sake of progress. They engage actively and work hard for the well-being of the citizens and society. They don’t have a big source of revenue or funds. Their complete and only focus is to give the perfect service to the community and assure unity.

Structure of NGO and CBO organization

NGO may be a full-fledged organization volunteer by a fanatical workforce that works day in and out for people’s prosperity. CBOs are deemed as a smaller version of NGOs. It works on the footing but at a modest level. The working protocol of the CBOs is nearly just like NGOs, but they can’t match NGOs’ footprint in terms of reach.

The community-based organization may be a group of enthusiasts that support a standard motive during a specific area. they’re free-minded, and any legal authority doesn’t control their actions. NGOs, on the opposite hand, work on a broader landscape; thus, they need more assertion as a team.

NGOs are accountable to reply to authority, rendering their combat particular actions. a selected hierarchy continuously monitors its working scenarios. NGOs blend actions with specific guidelines and principles. Though CBOs bear uncanny resemblance with NGOs, some difference exists in terms of labour, organization structure, and area. Their contribution to humanity is unparalleled.

The framework of NGO and CBO

The legal framework is some things that create these entities entirely different from one another. The NGOs are back by an adequate structure of members who works dedicatedly for the explanation for welfare on the massive spectrum.

There is no legally bound criteria affecting the working of the CBO. it’s easy to line up and doesn’t seek legal formalities to proceed further. it’s more sort of a group backed by people that voluntarily participate during a good cause and make sure the prosperity of a little community.

Performance criteria

Well, NGOs address the loopholes in the society on a broader spectrum, whereas CBO focuses on specific communities only. NGO focuses on supporting chains of states and address issues prevailing there. Let’s understand the NGO’s working concept with the following examples. Whenever any natural disaster occurs in the state, NGOs come forward and takes the initiative to support the needy one. Similarly, the work of CBOs is limited to a smaller landscape.

For example- Awareness of swine flu- the underprivileged people and society are not fortunate enough to get ample info in the disease; thus, it makes them more exposed to the disease. Proper guidance and some precaution can be helpful in such a situation, and that’s where CBO comes into the picture. Its role is to provide in-depth info about the disease to the people and prepare them for the worst scenarios. But their area of work limits to a specific community.

Which is better: NGO or CBO?

  • CBO is a subset of NGO kind that is essentially centred on community-based activities.
  • NGO can address broad array queries ranging from a natural disaster to a pandemic.
  • CBO works on a local level, and its funding source stays in these regions only.
  • Both of the organizations require a strong source of funding.
  • The elite NGO essentially gets their funds from corporates and celebrities, whereas CBOs have a restricted area of access in that regard.


So, it’s obvious that the NGO and CBO share a lot of differences, whether it is a reach of work or funding platforms. In conclusion, NGOs have a bigger step, and it marks a broader spectrum, unlike CBOs. But despite these important discrepancies, they follow a general goal i.e., giving guidance to underprivileged people while keeping moral values sound. Have issues regarding NGO registration or CBO connect with Legalraasta.

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