AI-based software

AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence proceeds to find ways of the growing technology that will control difficult tasks in various industries for good speed & efficiency. AI in the legal profession has found its way into supporting lawyers and clients alike. The developing interest in applying AI in law is assumed to be slowly shifting the profession and closing in on the work of paralegals, legal researchers, and litigators. Legalraasta is also the legal firm offering various service and AI software is benefit four us aswell.

We’ll explain the different ways in which AI is currently applied in the legal profession and how technology providers are attempting to streamline work processes. We break down AI’s current legal applications into the following kinds of applications:

  • Serving lawyers perform due diligence and research
  • Giving extra insights and “shortcuts” through analytics
  • Automating formative processes (including some writing) in legal work

Because of the size of our research (and hence the length of this article), we help readers to feel free to jump forward to the application areas of the highest interest for them.

Potential Markets and Players

The biggest companies which are spending in this legal market are IBM, Ross Intelligence, Thomson Reuters,etc such companies have huge amounts of researchers and scientists operating on various projects. Directed at revolutionizing the legal AI marketplace with the singular emphasis being provided to client management and data collection. Such services are given in 2 different ways, specifically, via the cloud and on-premises services how the voice assistant or device is marketed to the firm which needs it. Cloud-based services have been increasing at break-neck speeds as they do not need any hardware installation. Also, data encryption on a large scale makes sure that there are no data gaps that may point to compromising positions, particularly in a highly sensitive field such as law. 

Services division to arise at the highest rate during the forecast period

The services given in the legal AI software industry are training and consulting system combination and testing, support and maintenance services. The services perform an essential role in the functioning of legal AI software solutions. The legal AI software vendors need technical support services and consulting services to handle the deployment of AI-based solutions in the market. With a growing demand to perform various legal jobs effectively, the demand for services segment is foreseen to grow in the following years.

Geographic Analysis

A kind of corporation needs such services as Corporate Legal Departments, Law Firms, Individual lawyers and even courts for the management of continuous and pending cases. The main markets geographically are

  • North America wherein the United States, Canada and Mexico are the initial investors
  • Asia-Pacific with China, Japan, Korea, and India heading the way.
  • South America has Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia investing significantly whereas the market is still in its developing phase concerning Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Software solutions part to have a larger market size during the forecast period

Based on solutions, the legal AI software market is sectioned into software solutions and platforms. The software solutions segment is foreseen to expand at a greater rate, as the solutions can be quickly deployed at end-user systems. Whereas AI and ML-powered platforms appeared in the market give the basis for users to receive an application by using the same. A growing wants to automate different jobs in the legal area will give chances for more deployment of legal AI software solutions across end-users.

North America to keep the largest market size during the forecast period

North America is expected to endure the largest market size in the global legal AI software market, as the US and Canada are growing rapidly in the market. And the region is residence to different vendors operating in the market. Whereas, Europe is expected to arise at the highest rate during the forecast period. The shift in market dynamics and GDPR will give increasing chances for vendors to offer legal AI software solutions.

Expected Growth

The Global Legal AI Market is required to eclipse $1.89 billion by the year 2026, rising at a rate of 30.5% between 2017 and 2026. Legal AI applies to any user of AI-based technology to intensify the performance of any task a licensed firm has to undertake while managing and communicating with clients. The important parts that have contributed to the huge growth the industry has experienced are the growing demand for competent customer service, rising demand for automation, management and compliance issues and the demand for risk assessment. Though, lack of awareness and security interests are the initial governing tendencies that are hindering the growth of the market.

Why we need Legal AI Software ?

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the agreement can be analyzed in less than 60 minutes. Interestingly, it defends 20%-80% time without compromising on quality.

Based on subjects, legal firms and legal departments prefer to practice such AI-based technology because it benefits them in cutting costs and decreasing the strain on their labor force. The use of so technology also speeds some processes that will otherwise be long and slow, and this assists in supporting a reasonable customer satisfaction rate. Being able to streamline crucial work methods helps in overcoming repetitive tasks which enable attorneys to concentrate on more significant work such as the structure of strategies and court case presentation. 

Potential for Contract Management Services

Contract management is also an extensive application of such technology, and it is obtaining traction in the global market as it once again supports firms in building stronger relations with their customers by making the process more customer-friendly. Law firms spend large parts of time working the agreement evaluation and review process, which needs lawyers to analyze the risks associated and then decide on whether the deal must go into or not. Hence, AI-powered solutions help the whole team decode the contract language and piece data together to analyze deals and even recommend modifications needed based on company policies. 

The legal AI software provides firms to relax when it comes to human resource management, and the system enables more time for lawyers to concentrate on their more creative work. This reduces the burden or workload on them and therefore boost their productivity. Therefore it makes them happier and more fulfilled with their job. With the demand for performing legal tasks being on the increase, year after year, the request for such services is foreseen to increase exponentially in the coming years.


AI-based software has taken over the globe, gaining uses in most walks of life. As technology boosts even further, it is for sure that such devices will see even more use in food, fin-tech, a legal, e-commerce marketplace, etc. We are still opening fields wherein so technology can be used with the service industry. And the medical industry being clear choices in which this technology has shown to be disruptive. The legal market is an exponentially growing one, and this time around, we are going to take a look at the Legal AI market and how it has undergone huge growth.

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