FSSAI, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ensures safe food manufacturing and food handling practices for food business operators (FBOs) all over the country. FSSAI, established in 2006, under the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act, mandates FBOs to acquire a 14-digit FSSAI license and a food permit deeming it safe for the food business to be involved in the sale/purchase of consumable goods. This basically means that all food products going through a particular FBO have to undergo quality checks to ensure no sub-standard or potentially harmful ingredients or food items are being sold to consumers. In addition to the quality checks, all FBOs have to display the FSSAI Logo and license number on food item’s packaging. In this piece, we’re going to look at this license number in depth, what it signifies and how you can check FSSAI license number online.

Types of FSSAI Registrations

FSSAI licenses are of three basic types depending upon the annual turnover of the food business given below is the classification of the different types of FSSAI licenses.

Annual Turnover Registration/License
 Up to ₹ 12 Lakhs Registration FORM A
 ₹12 lakhs– 20 Crores State License FORM B
 Exceeding 20 Crores Central License FORM B

The FSSAI license, when issued, is valid for a maximum of 5 years. If an FBO wishes to continue their operations they need to go for renewal of FSSAI license. The renewed license also has a timespan/validity of 5 years

What is the meaning of the FSSAI license number?

Before you go ahead and check FSSAI license number. The FSSAI license number, a 14-digit number has been divided into 5 parts that tell the regulatory body all about the food business in question.

  • Part 1 [First Digit] – Gives information about the registration status of the food business whether registered or not.
  • Part 2 [ Digits 2 and 3]- Signifies the state code in which the food business is operational.
  • Part 3 [ Digits 4 and 5]- It gives information about the year of manufacture of the particular food product.
  • Part 4 [Digits 6, 7, 8 ]-  Reflects Quantity of enrolling master
  • Part 5 [Digits 9-14]-  Maker’s permit number

Important things before you check FSSAI license number

  • The 14-digit license number of the FBO that they acquire from the regulatory authority of FSSAI, has to be on the packaged products. The font color and shade of the FSSAI logo should be contrasting enough to the background of the packaged product so that the logo and license number are clearly distinguishable.
  • The name and address along with the FSSAI number need to be produced in front of the authorities at the time of importing a product into the country.
  • The measure of the letters, alphabets, and digits should be in accordance with the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulation, 2011
  • Displaying the FSSAI logo as well the license number on the food products reflects that the food business administrator has a legitimate license in compliance with the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006.
  • The permit number ought to be put on the addresses of the various units mark of the item. Additionally, the quantity of the delivering organization should likewise be shown alongside the number
  • FBO should only put the logo and license number on their products till the validity of their food license lasts and that is a maximum of 5 years.

Things FSSAI license number search will display

  • License Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Kind of Business
  • Products
  • License Status
  • Company Name
  • Premises  Address

Procedure to Check  FSSAI license number

Step 1: Head on over to the FSSAI’s official government website https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/cmsweb/TrackFBO.aspx.Once you’re on the page, you will see a blank field labeled Enter License / Registration Number

Check FSSAI license number step 1

Food Business Operator Tracking Page

Step 2: Enter the particular license number and click on ‘Submit’. Make sure you have entered the license number correctly, there should be 14 digits in the license number

Check FSSAI license number step 2

Enter the license number

Step 3: IF you have entered an invalid license number, an error message is displayed as follows.

check fssai license number invalid entry step

Invalid License Number

Step 4: Once you’ve clicked ‘Submit’ and if your license number is valid, the website will display the status along with other details of the food business operator.

Check fssai license number step 3

Details of the Food Business Operator

That was the procedure to check FSSAI license number online, Don’t forget if you are looking to acquire a new FSSAI registration or a FSSAI license renewal you can hit us up at LegalRaasta where our aim is to simplify legal procedures and compliances for businesses. Call +91-8750008585 to get started!