PAN Card

PAN Card is a multi-purpose document which is mandatory for individuals looking to do financial transactions in India. The Income tax department of India is responsible for issuing the PAN Card. PAN card can also act as a proof of identity to apply for documents like a passport. In addition to this, PAN card is necessary to apply for a bank account, for opening a business, applying for loans, as well for investing in mutual funds. PAN Cards are also used to keep a track of your tax payment. Once, you have applied for a PAN card, it takes about 10-15 days for it to get processed. If you are concerned about the progress of your application, there is a provision to check pan card status online for applicants. Let’s take a look at how you can check the status.

Types of PAN Card

The income tax department issues different types of PAN Card based on the profile of the applicant and the type of financial transactions they will be involved in. In accordance with the same, PAN Cards are of these three types:

  • PAN Card for Individuals
  • PAN Card for  Businesses
  • PAN Card for Foreign Nationals

Register for a PAN Card

Checking PAN Card Status

After applying for a PAN, generally, it takes at the very least 15-20 days to reach you. Therefore, if you have any concerns with the progress of your application for PAN you can check the pan card status via a  variety of different methods. These are enlisted below as follows:

  • Call: Applicants can track their PAN Application status by simply making a telephonic call to the TIN department call centre on 020-27218080 and provide your 15-digit acknowledgement number of the PAN application
  • SMS Service: PAN Application status can also be checked by messaging your 15-digit acknowledgement at “57575”. You will get a text back with the status of your PAN Application status
  • Online: In addition to calling and SMS services, you can easily track the PAN card status online via three certified portals: NSDL, and UTI.

Application status on UTI

PAN Card status can generally be tracked after a minimum of 5 days after the application. Please ensure, you have the 15-digit Application Coupon Number Ready with you before checking the status.

Pan card status

Checking PAN Card Status on UTI website

  • Log on to UTI Track Pan Card
  • Enter 15-Digit Application Coupon Number
  • Click Submit to see PAN card application status

Application Status on NSDL

The NSDL portal basically lets you track the status of your PAN application as early as 24 hours after it is submitted, This portal basically lets you check the status of the PAN Card based either on the basis of the acknowledgement number that you have been provided or on the basis of your name and date of birth.


PAN Card status

PAN Card status on NSDL


  • Log on to the NSDL PAN/TAN Application Status Page on the NSDL Portal
  • Select your Application Type from the drop-down: PAN: New/Change Request
  • Enter the 15 digit acknowledgement number or you can click the option for Name and enter your name and date of birth/ date of company incorporation date or formation date of associations of the person.
  • Click Submit to get your application status

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