Our nation has the youngest generation all over the world. This generation has a lot potential to learn and initiate new things to prosper and ultimately contributing to the welfare of the nation. Startups are excelling in today’s market. Though startups always have risk element, it takes courage to invest huge money.

MuSigma- Decision Sciences Company

Dhiraj C Rajaram, the Founder, started his company by selling out his house and investing all the amount in his business. The initial stage was difficult for him. Searching for people and influencing them to work in his company was the biggest challenge. His eagerness to learn made him stand separate from others. He aimed to clear the disturbances in business transactions. He never stepped back from experimenting. Because for him, more you try, more you become better. Today, his company is a multi-billion company, funding a whopping amount of 193 Million Dollar. In his words, how you handle your mistake is what makes you commendable. He had an idea and he started this startup.

FarsanKart.com- Selling Farsan and Khakras online

Darshan Dhruv, a Founder, comes from a business family. He did his masters from abroad and worked with an MNC for four years. Later, he joined his family business but did not like it much. The idea of entrepreneurship tickled his mind and he set up FarsanKart.com selling online Gujaratis’ cuisine. Selling farsans online was unique in itself. He started a business with his own income. He claims that till date, he has sold 500 packs in India and 100 abroad. As people are engaging more in E-commerce, Darshan played with the right chord. However, it was not easy for him as everyone around him did not like his idea of starting an online business of selling Gujaratis’ cuisine. But he had the determination to give wings to his idea. He feels that if one has the idea and strength to implement it then other factors can not hamper his success.

Clear Car Rental- Rents Cars while traveling

Sachin Kate, the Founder, provides both local and outstation cars facility on a rental basis. Presently, his company provides services across 150+ cities in India. His journey has been a roller coaster. Born in a small city of Aurangabad, his hometown had no facility of providing education after 4th Class. So his parents decided to send him at their friend’s place. He used to sell newspapers in the morning. He had a keen interest in computer skills. He focused on travel and hotel sector to make websites. He was well associated with travel and hospitality industry for his work. From there, he noticed the lacking point in these sectors i.e. connectivity. As a result, the idea of entrepreneurship entered his mind. He started his venture Clear Car Rental connecting people to hotels while traveling. Currently, his company holds 14000+ cars in its inventory.

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