Alibaba is an online business to the business marketplace with 50 million users in over 240 countries. To woo you in, well that isn’t the sufficient fact!
Besides being an e-commerce giant, the site facilitates the importers and exporters across the world to unite at a single platform. You can trade and sell your products using your company’s profiles and product listing. is truly bridging the gap when it comes to sourcing products directly from the factories. From big box retailers to small guy it has been making waves across the globe ever since it made its IPO in 2014. Yes, Indians merchants too can look forward in this platform and can give an excellent kick start to their business with this portal. Here’s how?
Your first step,
Register for an Alibaba seller
• To register yourself, the very first step is to log onto the site

• Across the top of the screen, click on the option “Join For Free” from where you’ll be directed to the next screen.

• Onto the next screen click in the box labeled “Email”. Go ahead, type your email address.

• Then for the verification part, all you need is to slide the arrow towards rights, as it says.
• As you ask for verification, it would open a new box, in which you are to enter the distorted characters for the purpose of verification.
• Then you can proceed to submit the page as the checkbox turn green.
• Then you need to login to your email account and from the link in the email, you need to complete the verification, with this ends your verification part.

You must now set up your Account information




For the account information, you need to give in your basic details such as your password, your role (be sure to opt as a seller as both), your first name, your last name, your company name, your telephone number. Now that you’re done with the basics, you can proceed to submit the information.

Create your Company profile

Before actually getting involved in the trading process, you need to arrange for a company profile.It includes the type of business, you are going to start, your products, your services, your scale, your name, your logo, your punch, your product line. Everything that is related to your business, should be disclosed here.
Word of advice: Buyers who visit Alibaba may be looking for potential trading partners. So you need to make sure it reflects company’s vision and missions, goodwill, and morals, codes of conduct and its will to go a long way in attracting potential buyers.
Prepare your storefront

Now that you’re done describing your company, you can hop onto designing your storefront. Here you need to give in the details of product lines, its specifications, categorization, pricing, pictures, value, and everything concerned.
Make sure your products are categorized well, according to age groups, according to gender, and utilities, because not only does smoothen up your selling process, but a well-classified store is what customers are looking for. Nobody is interested in messed up catalogs

Documents required

As a sole proprietorship
If you’re an individual seller who wants to trade on the platform, all you need is a valid ID proof, Address proof, a PAN card and a bank account, and you can proceed with your trading.
For partnership company
When you are carrying your business with two or more partners, you need to have an ID proof and Address proof of all partners, partnership deed, incorporation certificate, and a bank account in the name of the firm.
Limited Liability Partnership
For an LLP, you’ll be needing a company’s PAN card, ID and Address proof of all partners power of attorney of the partners to trade on company’s behalf, and a partnership deed.
For a private limited company
To register yourself as a seller of a private limited company, you’ll be needing a Company’s Pan card, ID and Address proof of all partners and service tax registration of the company.
Further tax registration
Tax Deduction and collection number (TAN ) is a mandatory 10 digit alpha numeric number required for all business that is responsible for tax deduction at source.
VAT registration
It is a compulsory registration for any business that sells products or services. Also known as TIN (tax identification number) You’ll be restricted to selling books, handicrafts, online educational material unless you have a VAT registration.
Being an e-commerce giant, the company accommodates a large number of traders, sellers, and buyers across the world. Thus it always makes sense to duly verify and contact the respective sellers before giving an effect to the transaction. Networking, finding out their information is what going to save you against unnecessary spam and frauds.
All in all sourcing products from Alibaba can be a groundbreaking opportunity for your venture. You can take it to next best level with the right amount of wit and precautions.