In Telugu MeeSeva “MeeSeva” means “at your service” (i.e. citizens’ services). This is an effort of good governance for a whole range of G2C& G2B services. MeeSeva’s mission is to provide intelligent, citizen-centered, legal, efficient, and technology-based governance. It requires uniform and non-discriminatory delivery to residents and businessmen of all states of government services and increased quality, openness, and government accountability. The initiative involves a transformed public interface and a collective governance model at all levels.

This project brings together a digital PKI-enabled integrated architecture across a variety of service delivery areas, fusing with mission mode projects like SDC, the State-Wide Area Network (SWAN), and the Common Service Centers (CSCs) of the e-Governance of Indian National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

Introduction to meeseva online portal: New User registration

The portal Meeseva has been built by the authorities of the State of Telangana. The website is designed to allow every citizen of the country to perform important documents, including the Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Ramsar Card, passport, land records, and details while sitting at home. No resident will have to visit the officials of the relevant government to follow various application procedures via the services available at the Meeseva 2.0.

This digital platform enables citizens to go directly to the stands of unemployed young people in rural and urban areas. The public can use the MeeSeva Kiosks directly online to make a government service, or the MeeSeva portal directly online to do any public work without going to the Thahashildar or MRO office.

MeeSeva also makes it possible for the people and government to be more transparent, making the various procedures simpler, such as the application of caste certificates, residence certificates and birth certificates. I In both Telugu states, it is a bit hard for people to go to MeeSeva kiosks and apply for public service online as a result of Covid Pandemic’s recent situation.

The public can also take advantage of services offered by MeeSeva online by registering at the Mee Seva Online Citizenship Portal. “MeeSeva Online Registration and the Services List will be clarified in this article.

 The objective of the meeseva online portal

MeeSeva means “at your service” in Telugu. In conjunction with multiple data processing departments such as the Telangana State Data Centre, the State Service Delivery Gateway, and the State-Wide Area Network, the MeeSeva online portal was created by the State Information Technology Department. This central portal ensures coordination in real-time with other government departments, such as Agriculture, Education, Industry, etc. This integrated platform ensures that all digitally accessible data is obtained and assigned from various departments to one data center that provides all recipients within the state with easy delivery of such services.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh also provides MeeSeva, a similar integrated data services platform that provides application forms for Meeseva. However, we have only based on the Telangana MeeSeva portal procedures in this article.

Advantages of online Meeseva portal

There are significant benefits from creating a helpful platform such as the MeeSeva database, to both the state and its citizens. That is –

  • Universal and easy to access data services such as Aadhar, proof of residency, revenue, country records, etc.
  • Non-discriminatory provision of all state services to all, regardless of caste, community, and economic backgrounds.
  • Provides all of Telangana with intelligent citizens’ facilities.
  • It ensures that public services are rendered transparently, responsibly, and effectively to over 90 million residents of the Telangana State.
  • Sets up a trustworthy interface between all government departments and hierarchies.
  • To strengthen the country’s democratic principles and liberal ethos in its true character and spirit, even in compliance with the objectives of the Access to Services Act.

Services Available at meeseva online portal

There are several other service types that the platform provides – from basic services such as the Aadhar card, the bill for payments to specific services such as the registration of farmers with State agriculture systems, the issuance of an employment card, birth and death registers, student certificate, etc. – for all documentation activities.

There are various services available to get on Meeseva online portal. The list of categories of services is given below:-

  • Aadhar
  • Agriculture
  • CDMA
  • Civil Supplies
  • Commisionarate of Industries
  • Department of Factories
  • District Admin
  • Education
  • Election
  • Employment
  • GHMC
  • Housing
  • Endowment
  • Health
  • ITC
  • Labour
  • Legal Metrology
  • Mines & Geology
  • General Administration (NRI)
  • Municipal Admin
  • Industries Incentives New
  • Revenue
  • Rural Development
  • Social Welfare

Login to the Meesva online portal

The official website can be found on google searching. After uploading a web page, one can access various tabs such as Search for Services – where users can type the service they want, from 53 services to 40 departments currently offered online. Some options search the status of a personal application for a previously created application.

All documents required for new user registration

MeeSeva website requires the registration of its new users to verify your identity. This can be by uploading a set of documents and entering the relevant details. The documentation required is this:

  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • Bank account details
  • 2 passport photos
  • Proof of accommodation

What is the process for registering new users on the MeeSeva website?

Citizens of Telangana province can easily access a wide range of government services for more than 40 departments and about 600 private services using the MeeSeva website for easy registration. The process for creating an account to start accessing these services is as follows:

Step 1

You can access the new user registration tab by clicking log in, on the MeeSeva homepage, and then clicking on the new user tab at the bottom right. You can also access this page directly by clicking on the link –

Step 2

Create a login ID and password of your choice and re-enter the password to confirm.

Step 3

You will need access to your mobile phone while creating an ID as a one-time password that requires authentication. In addition, you will need to keep the following information correct – email, address – followed by selecting your regional and PIN code.

Step 4

You must upload additional documents after this registration process. It is after verification of documents and the account will be activated.

Steps to Download Application Forms

You can download application forms of different departments such as Aarogyasri, Agriculture, CDMA, Civil Supplies, Commisionarate of Industries, Department of Factories, District Admin, Election, Employment, Endowment, General Administration (NRI), GHMC, Housing, Health, Industries Incentives New, ITC, Labour, Legal Metrology, Mines & Geology, Municipal Admin, NPDCL, POLICE, Registration, Revenue, Rural Development, Social Welfare, TSSPDCL, TSMIP and EWS by Meeseva online portal. Here are the steps you have to follow to download:

  • Visit Telangana Meeseva’s official website
  • Click on the choice “other links” on the left.
  • Then pick “Proposal form”
  • Pick the service and form
  • You will start downloading the application form.
  • Take out a print and complete the request

Meeseva Authorized Service Provider

The further procedure shall be used by appellants who want to know the nearest service provider approved to provide meeseva services:

  • Check out Telangana Meeseva’s official website-
  • Click on the option on the left-hand side of the “Meeseva Center.”
  • Then from the other opened list, select the “Authorized Provider” option.
  • A new website will be added with a variety of centers in the district.
  • Scan and select the connection given in the opposite column, for your district name.
  • The agent’s name and mobile number will be attached to the address.

Steps to Download meeseva gov. AP

  1. First, you must open your mobile phone at the Google Play Store.
  2. The meeseva app must now be entered in the search box.
  3. You must then click on the search button.
  4. A list on your computer is now shown.
  5. You must press the top choice.
  6. You now have to press install.
  7. Install Meeseva Software on your computer.

How to use the MeeSeva platform once you have created an account?

We’ve already talked about the many services offered by the MeeSeva website. You can access them at the click of a button while in the comfort of home. Additionally, this can be done by logging in to the official MeeSeva link. One should be careful to choose the “Citizen / Industry” option while entering the login ID and password.

After logging in, services can select and continue with it. In addition, all requests for document verification or payment, etc. will assign a MeeSeva certificate request number. In addition, this is the number that can be used to determine the status of your application process.

Rejection of application

If the request is rejected by an official by mistake, the user can request the opening of the request using the same request number. In addition, this will ensure a new consideration of the application. However, one should be aware that certificates can also be canceled by the issuing officer.

What are the MeeSeva portal’s Category A and Category B services?

Category A applies to requests for service which do not require any more paper or annexes. The demands for income certificates, birth and death certificates, duplicate copies of residence, etc may also be subjected to MeeSeva Centre.

Additional documents, information, and evidence supplies by the applicant are required for Category B services. After the documents have been completed, they are now readily available to incorporate the platform at MeeSeva and can also be printed on the MeeSeva physical kiosks.


Check for technical assistance with the MeeSeva portal

The MeeSeva platform solves technical problems by online in various modes which can be accessed as listed below –

  • Call center help – The MeeSeva call center can be reached at – 040-48560012 or 1100/ 18004251110.
  • Email – Assistance can be requested by sending with an official support ID.
  • WhatsApp Support – Usernames 9121006471 or 9121006472 can also include a request by sending a WhatsApp message.

How to get Certificate of Meeseva Application?

You must follow the simple procedure given below to verify Meeseva certificate:

Advancing citizen-centric Governance

The MeeSeva platform was introduced in 2011 when Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh, despite the administrative obstacles involved. Today, in over 45,000 transactions daily the platform receives more than fourteen application requests for lacquers. It is this service spirit that empowers Indian people to make us a progressive and productive society.

Track Application Status of meeseva online portal

By entering a transaction id or application number, the applicant may check or monitor the application status and then click Go. The applicant is able to download and print the certificate for further use if the application is accepted. You have the right to check your application status if you have given some form of service through the Meeseva portal. You must follow the easy steps below to verify your application status: –

  • You must open the official website to check the application status
  • From the home page, click the login option and a new page will present
  • Offer user ID & PASSWORD login information and hit login options
  • Now go to “Know the status of your application”
  • Application status and approval can be seen
  • Offer the information requested and select the choice to send
  • On the computer screen, your application status will appear


The Meeseva Portal has been formed by the concerned officials to support all of the citizens of the state so that they can carry on various procedures linked to the document or any other services while sitting at their homes. In his article, we have share relevant aspects of the Meeseva Portal which has been formed by the concerned experts. In this article, we have also shared relevant aspects such as application and registration for the applicants under the Meeseva portal. Also, we will share step by step procedure by which you can review your application status and other things.

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