Swiggy and The World of Online Home Delivery of Food

The advent of technology has made many day-to-day activities much simpler. One such manifestation of the technology is food delivery apps. Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, UberEats are all a means to end, food delivered at customer’s doorsteps. If you are a restaurant owner, the potential outreach for your restaurant has never seen greater heights. It makes many people aware of your restaurant to those who otherwise would have never found out about it. However, in order for your restaurant to even be on these apps, you need to have a proper up to date Food License. Let’s see the procedure to partner up with and get the FSSAI License Swiggy app needs.

FSSAI License and It’s Importance

FSSAI, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, is a regulatory body that checks the safety of food products, safe manufacturing, handling, as well as storage facilities by the Food Business Owners (FBOs). FSSAI checks the FBOs for these safe practices in accordance with the guidelines and regulations mentioned in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The government has mandated that all FBOs have to register themselves and get the FSSAI Food License in order to ensure smooth operations of the business.

FSSAI License, Swiggy App

In most of the food delivery apps like Swiggy, a restaurant is presented to the customer with the nutrition rating and their corresponding FSSAI license displayed on the app along with the FSSAI Logo.

FSSAI License Swiggy

FSSAI License, Swiggy App has to display these for all restaurants

In July of 2018, FSSAI the regulatory body for the food license issued a directive to 10 food delivery aggregators in which they specified that Restaurants without appropriate food license should be immediately de-listed from the app. These restaurants were to only return if they have proper licenses i.e the FSSAI license. Swiggy, Zomato and other Food delivery apps, therefore, started de-listing procedure.
The government had a set a deadline for 31st of July for these restaurants to furnish the required FSSAI License. However, the regulatory authority found that even after the deadline was gone by, 40% of the restaurants failed to comply with the directive issued by the FSSAI.
However, as time passes by these food delivery apps are becoming stricter in enforcing the regulations by FSSAI and hence it is essential that when you partner with any of these apps you have to acquire appropriate as well as up to date FSSAI registration.

How to Partner with Swiggy

FSSAI license. Swiggy instructs restaurants to acquire is just one of the part of the process to partner with the food aggregator. Here we list the complete procedure to partner with the food delivery app.

Swiggy Aims

Swiggy is basically a food tech company which aims to bring the best of restaurants from your locality right at your fingertips. Essentially, Swiggy aims to target urban foodies who like to taste variety in food at the comfort of their homes via their app-based technology providing filters on price range, cuisine types etc.

Swiggy Partner Benefits

  • Increases outreach potential and customer engagement leading to increased sales.
  • Could potentially eliminate the cost of setting up a restaurant as you can do all your sales online. (Cloud Kitchen)
  • Swiggy takes care of the delivery process and hence there is no need to hire external delivery personnel or hire.buy vehicles for the same.
  • Get all your business metrics in real time at your fingertips

Procedure to Partner with Swiggy

Nowadays, if you go around a market and see various restaurants, many of these restaurants have a Swiggy, Zomato sticker on their walls. If you wish to partner up with these apps well, here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to Swiggy’s Partner With Us page: https://www.swiggy.com/partner-with-us/ and fill up your details.

On this page,  there is a comprehensive form which takes details of your food business as the name of the restaurant, address, phone number, email, documents like the GSTIN (GST Identification Number) / PAN  as well as FSSAI License. Swiggy needs these documents to ensure compliance of the restaurant with the rules and regulations.

FSSAI License Swiggy

Swiggy Partner Page

Step 2: A representative from Swiggy will contact you and get in touch to get the service agreement signed.

Step 3: Product training and photoshoot will take place so that you can operate the restaurant-side app properly and make your restaurant look good on the app platform.

Step 4: Go live and Boost Sales!

 Documents Required for Swiggy Registration

  • FSSAI License, Swiggy needs this to display along with your restaurants’ menu
  • Partnership/ Company PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque for Swiggy Restaurant Registration/ Payment options
  • Copy of GST Registration and Tax details like Income Tax Returns
  • Proprietor Details

Swiggy Commision

A Commision of 15-25% is charged by aggregator apps like Swiggy this charge is in developing market cities like Bengaluru where the eatery is new to the community.  Swiggy has to remit a commision of 16% to the restaurants. Swiggy also charges a commision of 4-7% for promoting a particular restaurant.

Therefore it is important to acquire the FSSAI license. Swiggy, as well as other food delivery apps, have made it mandatory for FBOs to acquire this license.

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