What is MSME Databank Registration?

All MSME enterprises in India from now onwards need to provide information linked with business to the Government by MSME Databank. This has to be done as per the MSME- Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Rules, 2009.

MSME databank registration can be performed through the data bank. The medium and small businesses having PAN and Udyogadhar Number for business can register on MSME DataBank.The person needs to get the Udyog Aadhaar enrolment first and then get registered for MSME Databank. This Database is built to help the acquisition agencies to purchase from MSMEs under the Public Procurement Policy of Government of India and to help the policymakers. The Data Bank also aims to collect information on the basis of :

  • Investment
  • Turnover
  • A number of employees
  • Goods & services
  • Credit rating
  • Information related to joint ventures
  • Technology transfers
  • Export and import of machinery
  • Membership of the Associations.
    Further, we will look at the process of proposing information to the MSME databank.

Eligibility criteria for MSME Databank

The eligibility criteria for MSME databank are :

  • Entities
  • Promoters having Aadhar 
  • Udyog Aadhar Number
  • PAN

For registering in MSME the entity must get a Udyog Adhaar Registration.

Important points for MSME Data bank 

  • If one is already having a Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM).It’s way much easy to get enroll yourself in MSME DataBank by visiting the following link Registration Page.
  • In case one is not having Udyog Aadhaar. One must firstly get Udyog Aadhaar by using your Aadhaar Number of Proprietor or Partner of the firm.
  • After getting Udyog Aadhaar One can apply in MSME DataBank by fulfilling all the necessary details.
  • Once filling all the details, Tap on the submit button. One will receive user id and password on their registered e-mail id.
  • Applying this user id and password one can sign in to the MSME DataBank portal and edit or update one’s data.

After successful registration, One will be given with credentials for access to the portal which can be viewed, edited or add one’s information on the portal on a self-certification base.

Benefits in registering MSME Databank

  • MSME databank is a large database of MSMEs in India.
  • This database is formulated by the Government to support procurement agencies purchase from MSMEs under Public Procurement Policy.
  • This is a policy of the government in India and to help the policymakers.
  • MSMEs enrolled under the MSME databank suitable for becoming a supplier of Government organizations and entities.
  • Mandates for all Micro, Small and Medium enterprises to give information regarding the business on the MSME databank.
  • This will help in obtaining advantages in different schemes of the MSME Ministry.

MSME Data Bank Registration Process

  • Step1

Pick Package and mention all the details for MSME Data Bank Registration Form.

MSME Databank- LegalRaasta

  • Step 2

Upload one’s  Pan Card and its information

  • Step 3

Pay online by debit Card, credit card, Netbanking or UPI” by Secured Gateway

  • Step 4

One will receive a certificate in 2-5 days. With a Registered Email ID & relate with experts by calling.

Details required for MSME Databank

Fundamental Details 

  • The applicant must determine whether his/her Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN) is of North East Region.
  • Udyog Aadhaar Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Mobile Number- If one has Udyog Aadhaar number he/she must enter their registered mobile number with Udyog Aadhaar.
  • Pan Card
  • Name of Business or enterprise
  • Organization Type
  • Start Date
  • State
  • Real Activity
  • Validate
  • Pin Code
  • District
  • Cluster name-the applicant has the option to provide the name of the cluster to which the unit belongs.
  • Category unit size
  • Email ID
  • Authorized Person Name -The applicant has to give the name of an authorized person for the organization
  •  Enterprise Social Category
  • Any special category of Entrepreneur
  • Nature of Operation – The applicant needs to pick the nature of operations as discussed below:-
  1. Perennial: When the unit is under operation during the year.
  2. Seasonal: The unit is under operation in 1 or 2 seasons only out of the year.
  3. Casual: When the unit is under operation only when the demand comes, and when there is no expectation of resuming the work.
  • Whether the unit registers in The Factory Act 1948.
  •  The unit is an Ancillary.
  • Whether the unit is registered in the Shop and Establishment Act.

Note: That all the above details 40% details are automatically fetched and others need to be filled up correctly.

If the applicant is not having a Udyog number of North East region. He/she must have a 12 digit Aadhaar number issued that must be filled in the required area.

For manufacturing Enterprises – Product and Factory Details  

  • Enterprise Address
  • State
  • District
  • Pin Code
  • Person Employed- The number of employees is in the manufacturing enterprise
  • Installed Capacity (yearly) – The applicant has to give Installed capacity of the Factory in terms of annual production on a detailed unit basis
  • Investment on Machinery / Plant that must mention in ₹Lakhs
  • Power Load – The applicant has to give the Current power load in KW/ph
  • Enterprise Product Description
  • Major Raw Material used
  • Major Buyers
  • Turnover Last Year in ₹Lakhs
  • Mention Product Detail
  • Product Name and code
  • Annual Production Capacity of product in terms of capacity per annum.
  • Production measurement unit (liters, Kilogram, meter)

Following listing all details the applicant has to click on the [Add] button to save the product specifications and add new product details.

Note: All the above details 40% details are automatically fetched and others need to be filled up correctly.

The applicating selecting option of raw material mandates to give at least one raw material information.

In the option of the major buyer, one has to give the name of its buyers and clients being serviced

The details of all Products/services options mandates to give at least one product information.

In the code option, the applicant must select the HS code of the product based upon the name of the product entered on the early text box. On inserting the product name, a suggestive list of HS code populates in the drop-down box, from which the applicant can choose.

For Servicing Enterprises – Enterprise & Service Details 

  • Enterprise Address
  • State
  • District
  • Pin Code
  • Person Employed
  • Investment on Equipment in ₹Lakhs (Like Plant and machinery)
  • Power Load
  • Major Clients
  • Turnover Last Year  in ₹Lakhs
  • Add Service Details
  • Enterprise Service Description
  • Service Name
  • Service Code

Note: All the above details 40% details are automatically fetched and others need to be filled up correctly.

In the power load option applicant has to give the Current power load in KW/HP.

The option of description the applicant has to give the description of services offered from their unit.

In a major client option, the applicant has to give the name of its major buyers and clients that serves.

The option of service details says that the applicant has to mention all valid information about the services offered from this factory.

Additional Details 

  • Name of the bank
  • Bank Account Number
  • IFSC Cide of the branch

Details of Assistance

  • Taken From
  • Scheme Name
  • Amount Availed in Lakhs
  • On Date

After inserting all details the applicant has to tap on [ADD] to save the details about assistance has taken and added extra details regarding assistance.

Note: The option Taken from says that the applicant can select the name of Development Organization. From which assistance is taken.

In the option of Scheme Select, one can pick up the name of Scheme of the above-mentioned development organization.

Amount valid option says the applicant can mention the amount of assistance availed.

On date suggests the applicant pick the date on which the assistance is taken.

Details of Association

  • Name of the Association’
  • Since Date

Note: In association date option an applicant can choose the name of the association of which the unit is a member of.

Development organization – Hand Holding (If Applicable )

  • The applicant can choose the name of the Development Organization. In case they have got any hand-holding help from them for registering in MSME DataBank.

Award Details or Add Appreciation Details

  • Name of the appreciation
  • Details of the award
  • On the date ( The date on which award received)
  • The applicant can tap on [ADD] to save the details of the add appreciation or award.

Note: In Appreciation name, the applicant can choose the name of the award obtained.


The MSME databank allows the ministry of MSME to capture the censor’s data online along with the information and requirement related to the joint venture, technology transfer, import-export of machinery. It also allows to control and monitor various schemes and policies. 20 % of all the government procurements have to be mandatory from the MSME sector and to be sourced from the MSME data bank.

For all the information related to MSME – One can easily connect to our website LegalRaasta. For MSME Databank Registration and MSME Registration visit our website. Our expert team will help you with all the process of registration.

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