Through the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, the Government of India attempts to boost MSME. These Small Scale Industries (SSI) are the mainstay for growth in many developed, and developing economies, of the world. Importance of small businesses for India is immense. It is considered a prominent player as it requires less investment and creates employment opportunities, thus, reducing unemployment/underemployment. In India, itself, MSME has employed more than 50 million people. So the Government, Central or State, to attract more people into it and to balance the wealth distribution better, provides MSME various subsidies and schemes. And MSME Registration is essential for you to reap these MSME Benefits.

Since 2015, the official name of MSME/SSI Certificate, for already running units, has been changed to Udyog Aadhar.

 Types of MSME/SSI

MSME Registration in India, come under two categories on the basis of Investment in Equipment. These are further explained below:

1. MSME (Manufacturing)

Those Enterprises engaged in manufacture or production, processing or preservation of goods as specified here,

  • Type A: Micro Enterprise whose investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs. 25 lakh;
  • Type B: Small Enterprise is the one where the investment in plant and machinery is between Rs. 25 lakh and Rs. 5 crore;
  • Type C: Medium Enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is over Rs. 5 crore but does not exceed Rs. 10 crore.

Here, the investment in plant and machinery means the original cost. It doesn’t include land and building or the items as specified by the Ministry of Small Scale Industries.

2. MSME (Services)

The Enterprises  providing services and whose investment in equipment (original cost excluding land, building, furniture, fittings, and other items not directly related to the services rendered or as may be notified under the MSMED Act, are:

  • Type D: Micro Enterprise with the investment in equipment below Rs. 10 lakh;
  • Type E: Small Enterprise is where the investment in equipment ranges between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 2 crore;
  • Type F: Medium Enterprise is the one whose investment in equipment is over Rs. 2 crore but does not exceed Rs. 5 crore.

Those firms/shops/LLPs/public/private limited companies, corresponding to the above criteria, are also eligible to avail the Government subsidies to MSME.

Options of MSME/SSI Registrations

1) Provisional MSME Registration

The Enterprises who have already commenced their production but are yet to complete 1 year can apply for Provisional Registration Certificate under Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) of NSIC. The minimum amount invested has to be more than Rs. 5 Lacs, excluding the registration fee & procuring documents.

This Provisional Certificate is provided for a period of 5 years.

2) Permanent MSME Registration

Alternately, you can apply for a Permanent Registration Certificate (PRC), for your business.

Conditions for obtaining Permanent Registration Certificate (PRC):

  • You need an industrial license unless your business is listed in Schedule-III of the Industrial Licensing Exemption Notification.
  • You must have taken all clearances from the pollution control board, drug control board etc.
  • It must not be in violation of any locational restriction
  • The Original Value of the Plant & Machinery has to be within the prescribed limits type of MSME/SSI your business is. The prescribed limit has been specified above.
  • Your unit must not be a subsidiary, owned or controlled by another industrial undertaking.

Online Registration Process

  • To get your organization registered, you are to fill the single form available on the government portal.
  • If a person wants to do registration for more than one industry then also he/she can do individual registration.
  • The documents required for the registration have been listed above.
  • All the documents are to be self-attested.
  • No registration fees required.
  • You would receive the registration number, once you have filled in the details and uploaded the required documents.

What all do you need to get MSME Registration

To acquire the MSME Certificate or Udyog Aadhar for your business entity, you would need to submit below self-certified documents, Online or Offline

  • Application Form for MSME Registration or UAM (earlier Form 1), you can download from the website of the State or Union Territories. These have some difference, so fill the one where your business is located.
  • Personal Aadhar number, Address and other common details
  • Three passport-sized photographs of owners/partners/directors, as the case may be.
  • Business Address Proof: Rent Receipt & NOC from the landlord and any document supporting the landlord’s ownership is required if the premise is rented. If the site is self-owned, then property papers such as Allotment letter, Possession letter, property tax receipt or license issued by the relevant municipal corporation is required.
  • Industry License from the Govt. of India, if the end product comes under the Industrial Development and Regulation Act.1951.
  • Business Bank account details
  • Main Business Activity, what product and process are your MSME going to take-up.
  • National Industrial Classification (NIC) code based on business activity.
  • Number of Employees. Projections for manpower. Also, the planning of which post will be filled first. For example, engineer & skilled labour must be present before machinery is installed.
  • The arrangement of Finance: All business need monetary support. A projection of finance that will be required by the business. Classified into Long-term or Short-term, Seed Capital, etc.
  • Sale Bill of the end product applied for.
  • Purchase Bill of the Raw materials purchased.
  • Purchase Bill for machinery installed.
  • In case of Partnership firm, a Photocopy of the partnership deed. Its registration under the Partnership Act is not mandatory.
  • In case of a company, the certificate of incorporation and the Resolution passed authorizing the Directors to sign the application form or appear for the interview
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Article of Association (AOA).
  • Proof of Investment in Machinery & Equipment.
  • NOC from pollution control committee of that state.

Copies of all the documents listed above have to be accompanied with an affidavit of Rs.10/- Non-judicial Stamp Paper it has to have details about the unit, machinery installed etc, in a prescribed format. This is to be affixed with the proper stamp and attested by Notary Public.

Each State has different requirements for documents, so some of the documents may be different.

Even though it is possible to get MSME Registration done online, still you have to contact to your nearby DIC (District Industries Center) Department, to get approval on the MSME/SSI Certificate or Udyog Aadhar.

Benefits of opening your Business with MSME/SSI Certificate

The gains from getting your MSME or Udyog Aadhar Registration done are immense. To advance the growth of MSME, both state and central governments offer diverse benefits to the enterprises registering or already a part of the MSME sector. It is, in a way, having the Government back-up their company.

Some of the benefits from Central Government are:

  • Easier terms for sanctioning of bank loans. All banks and financial institutions have created special schemes for businesses with the SSI Registration. This includes priority sector lending, meaning your business has more chances of being sanctioned a loan.
  • Lower bank interest rates. And in case the repayment is delayed, there may be some preferential treatment too.
  • Makes you eligible to lower rates of interest, while obtaining term loans and working capital.
  • Excise exemption scheme, depending upon your business.
  • You get Rebates and Concessions on the Patent Registration Cost.
  • Interest on Payments delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • credit for MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax ), to be carried forward for up to 15 years.
  • Various Tax Rebates.
  • Some Exemptions under Direct Tax Laws, during the initial stages.
  • Statutory support such as reservation and the  Act.

State Government and UTs also offer a package of facilities and stimuli for MSME, some are:

Most states offer those organizations registered under the MSMED Act:

  • For MSME registration under the Provisional scheme, the Material for construction of factory building would be available at a subsidized rate.
  • The company would be able to get all the clearances from the Municipal Corporation & power connection, etc.
  • Power tariff concessions.
  • Entry & Development of state-run special industrial estates.
  • Tax subsidies.
  • Capital investment subsidies.
  • The raw material could be given in the initial years at a subsidized rate, depending on the existing policy.

Besides above-stated rewards, those enterprises who have an MSME registration are also preferred in the government tenders. And Large Corporations have to compulsorily purchase certain products, only from MSMEs. All this shows there are plenty of Areas of growth for small business.


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