Though small in size, the small business generates money that helps in the economic growth of the nation. Small businesses are corporations, proprietorship’s, partnerships that employee fewer people. Small businesses include grocery shops, bakery shops, party planning, translation services, car dealership and many. The importance of small businesses can be understood by reading the following things.

The biggest advantage of small business is a generation of employment per unit of capital. Those people who sit idle during a particular period in a year, get a chance to work in these small businesses. This further helps to transform India’s image from a job-seeking nation to job-creating nation.

Small business requires less capital than the larger establishments. It means that great outputs can be achieved with fewer investments. In a place like India, where capital formation is low, small business is suitable. Due to small in size, these businesses can easily adapt changing the atmosphere. This promotes flexibility. These businesses can easily change their working style without much loss as compared to large businesses.

The small business attracts talent which was left unnoticed by large businesses. Local resources and localities skills are used to the optimum level. Generally, these large businesses depend on small businesses for the completion of their work. Small businesses manufacture spare parts and raw material that is needed by large scale industries. Small businesses have personal contact with the customers so they can cater to their needs more proficiently.

Small business help to encourage handicrafts and technical skills. These businesses earn foreign exchange through exports of their products. Economic power flows in different sectors and hence not restricting the power in fewer hands. Such businesses promote more equitable distribution of national income. Small scale businesses provide a mean to the life of local people by providing them income source.

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