Birth certificate: An identity to newly born

In India, the birth registration is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence. If a child is not registered at birth then he/she would be in peril of being denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name, and a nationality. In Odisha, it is compulsory to get registered the birth of every child as per the Registration of births and deaths Act,1969, with the concerned State Government/Union Territories. Under the state government of Odisha, the chief registrar of birth is responsible for issuing the Birth certificate in Odisha. Let’s see how we can apply for a Birth certificate online as well as offline.

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What does the Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969 say?

Before going further, first, let’s see what is written under the Registration of Birth & Death Act regarding registering birth and death in India.

  1. Every birth has to be registered with the concerned state governments within 21 days of its occurrence at the place of the event in the prescribed form of reporting.
  2. If the birth registration is not done within 21 days from its occurrence, then an affidavit must be filed stating the reason for the delay in registration.
  3. In a situation where a child is born in a foreign country, and the family has moved to India with an intent to settle, then the registration can be done within 60 days which will be treated the same as the registration occurring within 21 days.

Why is Birth certificate needed? 

A birth certificate is a kind of evidence to state a person’s birth in a particular place. It is the necessity of every citizen to avail benefits form various services offered by the government. Following are the purpose of obtaining a birth certificate in Odisha:

  1. A birth certificate is one of the necessary proof for PAN Card registration.
  2. To get enrolled in an educational institution, the birth certificate needs to be furnished.
  3. It is also used for claiming the right to marry at the legally permitted age.
  4. It important for settlement of inheritance and property rights.
  5. For availing an insurance policy.
  6. It is important to submit a birth certificate to some places to get a marriage certificate and prove age.
  7. For obtaining a driving license and passport in India.
  8. A birth certificate is relevant for receiving pension and health insurance provided by the Government.

Situation at which birth registration is compulsory

The registration becomes compulsory is the birth occurs at the below-given places. Following are the specified persons responsible for this job:

  1. In Hospital or Nursing Home: Person who is authorized by the medical institution is eligible to register the birth.
  2. In House: The head of the house is eligible to register the birth with the concerned authority.
  3. In a public place: The officer in charge of the local police station in the area or the head of the corresponding village is eligible to register the birth.

Eligibility for birth registration

An applicant who is the citizen or NRI born in the state is eligible for availing the perks of the birth certificate in the state. The parents are the one to whom this certificate is issued in favor of a child by registration of birth at the concerned authority.

Documents required for obtaining a birth certificate in Odisha

  • Any kind of proof of birth that can identify the location of birth.
  • Marriage certificate of the parent, optional.
  • Goanburah certificate (Residence Proof).
  • Parents’ identity proof.
  • Any other document (if required).

Table for Fee structure

Time Period Fees
By using Form 91 (Registering within 21 days of birth) Rs. 2
Registered after 21 days of birth Rs. 5
By using Form 92 (Registering after 30 days and within 1 year of birth) Rs. 5
 By using Form 93(Registering after 1 year of birth) Rs. 10
 By using Form 10 1A (naming the child) Rs. 5
 By using Form 10 1B (Naming the child) Rs. 5
 By using Form 13 1A (For Verifying the records) Rs. 2
 By using Form 13 1C (for the issuance of certificate) Rs. 5
 By using Form 14 1C (for the issuance of Non-availability of certificate or where records of events are not available) Rs. 5

However, the individual can avail the birth certificate within a specified time as fixed by the authority.

Who is the concerned Authority for birth registration?

Following are the concerned authorities which are responsible for the birth registration/Issuance of certificate/Registration of complaint:

  • In Rural areas: Municipalities /Municipal Corporations/NACs/ Other concerned local authorities in the state.
  • In Urban areas:  UGPHC (Upgraded Primary Health Centre)/PHC (Primary Health Centre) in the state/CHC (Community Health Centre).

Online Procedure for obtaining a birth certificate

There are only 10 steps that you have to follow to get your birth certificate:

STEP 1: 

Go to the official website:  e-Municipality website of Odisha to register the birth.


Login from the upper right corner of the home page. The following page will appear.

STEP 3. 

Select your District and ULB from the drop-down list on the home page.


After that, you will be navigated to the page with the citizen services option on the home page under which you have to select the Birth and Death option.

Important note: You must have either information of registration number or Institutional request number or any other details to apply for the birth certificate here.


Now, search with the registration number or any other details and click on the “search” button.


Click on the option “Apply for birth certificate


As soon as you are confirmed that all other details are correct then provide the mobile number and E-mail address in which you want to get the message for the process of your application.


Select the mode of delivery either as “ULB Counter” or “Online” in which you want to collect.


The required documents will be uploaded into the application form and then click on the “submit” button.

STEP 10.

At the time of submission, an acknowledgment number will be displayed. If you want, you can take the print of your acknowledgment that can be used to verify the status of your application.

Offline Procedure for obtaining a birth certificate in Odisha

An application form needs to be filed along with the supporting documents for the birth registration in prescribed format at the concerned Registrar office.

Important Note: You can visit the official e-Municipality portal to download the birth registration e-form in the PDF format.

As soon as you are done with the application form successfully, submit it to the concerned authority along with the prescribed fee for the registration. The details of birth will be updated correspondingly to Odisha state birth records after the verification by the authority. Soon an acknowledgment slip will be given to verify the status of your application.

How to track the status of your application for birth application?

All you need to do is just open the e-Municipality web portal and click on the “Check Application Status” option on the home page.

Now, choose your service and then enter your application number or registration number and click on the “search” button. The application detail will appear in a jiff along with the application status on the screen.

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