Marriage registration is the evidence of marriage that has taken place between a bride and a groom. Marriage registration is basically useful while applying for many other government documents after marriage like PAN, Visa, and Passport. This article will help you to understand the online marriage registration in Delhi.

Basic requirement for Online marriage registration in Delhi

  1. The minimum age of groom must be 21 years
  2. The minimum age of bride must be 18 years
  3. Affidavits
  4. Minimum two witnesses (it may be three in case of special marriage act)

Documents required for online marriage registration in Delhi

Aadhar card is the key if you want to register your marriage legally. If the bride and groom or witness is not having Aadhaar card then their application for marriage certificate will not be accepted. So, first apply for Aadhar card before applying for a marriage certificate.

Following are the documents chart required to obtain an online marriage certificate in Delhi:










Format of an affidavit for Marriage Certificate by the Bride & Groom

Before applying for the marriage certificate, prepare all the documents and photographs. After that, you have to take an appointment which can either online or by visiting the court in the relevant area. Then follow the given procedure to obtain a marriage certificate.

How to apply for the marriage certificate?

  • Click on Make appointment with DM and register.
  • Choose your district and continue the process.
  • Fill all the details of the husband and select the date of appointment.
  • Fill the entire marriage certificate form and select the date of appointment.
  • Then click on Submit Application.
  • You would get an acknowledgment page having details of your appointment as well as instructions.
  • You can now take a printout of that acknowledgment.

Charges of marriage registration certificate

Event Charges (Rs.)
An event of Hindu Marriage Act  100
 An event of the Special Marriage Act  150


The charges must be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt must be attached with the application form.

What happens in marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act?

For the application under the Hindu Marriage Act, document verification of both the parties will be carried out on the date of application and a particular day will be fixed for the registration. Hence, on that day, both the parties along with the witnesses who attended their marriage should be present to complete the formalities.

What happens in marriage under the Special Marriage Act?

Under the special marriage act, both the bride and the groom need to be present after the submission of documents for the issuance of public notice thereby inviting objections. Wedding notice would also be displayed on the notice board of the office and a copy of the notice would be sent by registered post to both parties i.e the groom and the bride to the address given by them.

When there is no objection, registration is conducted thirty after the notice date. the witnesses and both the parties are required to be present on the registration date.

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