If we take a look at ourselves we will find ourselves in a whole new era. A virtual era fully was driven by technology, where our buying and selling patterns have all took a giant leap. A jump from bricks to clicks. In this jump, there evolved a number of marketplaces that have come up to address the needs of both the buyers and the sellers. One such marketplace is ShopClues.com
ShopClues is a business to consumer shopping platform. Its online merchant community caters to the needs of manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, reseller, franchise holders, professionals, and artisans.
If you too wish to be a part of this bandwagon, here’s exactly how!

Steps to register to become a Shopclues seller

All you need to start your selling procedure is to register yourself as a seller to the site. Listed below are the procedures, you need to go by in order to be registered:

  • Login to wwww.ShopClues.com
  • Click on the merchant registration link and register as a merchant.
  • As and when you hit the link, you’ be directed to a pop-up asking for your basic information such as your name, name of the online store with which you want to register, your phone, your email, your password, and your business type.


  • As soon as you move forward to submit this popup, another tab appears asking for the seller information. Here information regarding your company and contact person’s information is required to be furnished. Then you need to give the address and contact person information from where shop clues or its courier partners will pick up items sold by you at ShopClues.


  • Then you’ll be asked to provide your bank details.


  • Now when all your input is done, you can go ahead and enter into a seller service fee agreement, where the details of service fee by category and fulfillment fee is provided.


  • Now that you have duly complied with all the preliminary requirements, you can arrange for a virtual storefront and your catalogs.


Now the documents required according to the form of business you intend to sell

For sole proprietorship

1. Personal id proof. It could be Your id proof, PAN card, Aadhaar card, or driver’s license.
2. Personal Address proof which could be a bank statement or an electricity bill.

Registered company

1. Identity proof of each director.
2. PAN card of each director.
3. Residential proof of the directors.
4. Registered office proof of the company which could be the rent, lease or ownership agreement
5. Company PAN card which is distinct from individual PAN card
6. VAT certificate unless you’re a trader of unstitched material, handicrafts, books or online education.

For a private limited company

Identity proof
1. Copy of certificate of incorporation of the private limited company
2. Copy of Memorandum of association
3. Copy of Company’s Pan card
Address proof
1. Company telephone bill {fixed line }
2. Company’s electricity bill
3. Company lease, rental or ownership agreement

For a Limited Liability partnership

Identity proof
1. LLP registration certificate
2. Partnership deed
3. Power of attorney granted to the employee to transact on LLP’s behalf.
4. LLP’s PAN card
Address proof
Any officially valid document confirming the address of the partners and person holding the power of attorney.

Shopclues Seller Fees

The most popular shopping website Shopclues charges its sellers a selling service fee and fulfillment service fee on each transaction. There is selling service charges on a successful sale of an item and there are different rates for a different category. The system of standard service tax is added on top of the selling service fee. In addition, for every package handled by Shopclues, the company charges a fulfillment service fee from the merchant based along with standards service tax.

How can LegalRaasta help?

Now that you know you your requirements, what’s next? Backstepping? No!

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