Why opt Private Limited Company over Proprietorship

Choosing your Company Type

The choice you make for the type of company you are forming will shape the future of your business. Thus, it becomes a crucial decision to choose the correct form of company. There are many types of company you can form for eg.

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How to register a Private Limited company ?

Private Limited Company

Choosing a company type for your startup can be a challenging task. Your company type defines the direction your startup will take for years to come.  With this article, we wish to get you through the procedure to register a private limited company under the laws of the

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Private Limited Companies: A path to success for startups

The Exciting World of Startups

Startups can be a place of high intensity. The chaotic and intense workload, being on the cusp of innovation and the stress of getting and pleasing clients. It can be a challenging task to deal with all the pressure that comes with startups. This tension and pressure can be relieved […]

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FAQs Company Registration

Registering a company can be a challenging task if one doesn’t know about the procedures, provisions, and rules for company registration. Here we list down FAQs Company Registration procedures bring with them.
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What is a company?

The Companies Act, 2013 defines companies as an association […]

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FAQs Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Companies: Introduction

Private Limited Companies (PLCs) form a major part of India’s economy. As of May 2018, there are a total of 10 million or 1crore private limited companies in operation in the country. But what are PLCs? How are they formed? What do you need to start your own […]

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Key Amendments in Private Placement of Shares u/s Section 42

What is a Private Placement?

The term private placement refers to the invitation or any offer to subscribe or issue of securities to a selected group of persons by a company through private placement offer. This is a way other than the public offer. Rather it is offer-cum-application that solely satisfy the conditions given in section […]

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