Today’s global business center is Dubai. Due to the large consumer base it offers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs are very interested in company formation in Dubai. People relocate to the UAE from all over the world. People used to move here because of the expanding opportunities for business development and the wide-open job market, but now it is too congested. So if you are truly interested in company formation in Dubai online but lack the necessary information or direction, this site will be of assistance to you.

Why there is need for company formation in Dubai?

Entrepreneurs and investors find the UAE to be a business paradise, with new, innovative ideas emerging daily. The UAE’s business routes have expanded quickly throughout the years. The potential for online enterprises in the UAE is still being investigated, though. There is a demand for company formation in Dubai because of the rate at which internet enterprises and e-commerce are developing and establishing in the UAE. At this point, creating an online business in the UAE can assist you in securing a market niche. A great logistical system, advantageous taxation, and a population with internet access of over 90% guarantee tremendous prospects for future expansion.

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Different kinds of Businesses in Dubai

In Dubai, one can primarily launch one of three different kinds of businesses:

  • Off-Shore Firm: These businesses are typically created in the UAE but are primarily run outside the nation. It is the most preferred company formation in Dubai among businesses from other parts of the world. The fact that these companies do not have to pay corporate taxes or license fees is the reason for the rising popularity of this type of enterprise.
  • On-Shore Company: These businesses are situated in the UAE and run out of that country. Receiving a government license is a basic requirement for such company formation in Dubai. They have to establish a corporate office in the UAE and pay corporation tax to the government, which results in significant startup costs.
  • Free zones: These firms can conduct business both inside and outside of the UAE. A legal license is required in order to create a company in Dubai with Free-Zone. Although there is no company tax to pay here, the initial setup cost is comparable to Dubai.

How to Register a Company Online in Dubai?

One of the first issues when considering starting an internet business in Dubai is how to register an online company formation in Dubai. Getting a license for the business zone you wish to register your company in is the first step in the development of an online company formation in Dubai. You would also need one of these business licenses, which are held by about 80% of the enterprises in the UAE. This company formation license authorizes the running of a business and the selling of a variety of goods and services.

Different Online Business Types Available in Dubai

  • Online Portal or E-Marketplace: Establishing an online marketplace allows companies to advertise their goods for sale. Amazon and Flip kart are two excellent examples of such an online platform. You will require an internet portal if you plan to register a corporation similarly online in Dubai.
  • E-commerce: A website-based e-commerce gateway for your business’s assortment of goods and services is a fantastic alternative. It is an online store that you may offer to customers locally or globally, enabling 24-hour trading with a clear line of communication between buyers and sellers.
  • Commercial or Service License: You are not prohibited from selling your products online if you operate a conventional business that is unrelated to e-commerce. In this online company formation in Dubai, you can sell your goods online regardless of the method of sale.

Step by step guide to Register a Company Online in Dubai

The steps involved in onshore and offshore online company formation in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Select the Type of Business: There are various alternatives for company formation in Dubai depending on the company type. An LLC, a branch of a foreign parent business, a representative office, as well as various other kinds of companies, can all be registered.
  2. Location of the Company Registration: In order to obtain a license for company formation in Dubai, you must select a commercial area. You can choose from a number of free zones in the UAE to conduct your activities or set up shop for your online business there. There are two alternatives available for it: one is inside free zones and the other is outside free zones.
  3. Company name registration: Company name registration is necessary for the creation of a business in Dubai. The name should be directly associated with the goods or services it provides. Additionally, it’s crucial to include the words LLC or PLC in your company name when you first start your organization.
  4. Selecting an Actual Office in Dubai: Even though an online business doesn’t have any physical locations, it still needs to have a legal address because the UAE government requires it for company formation in Dubai.
  5. License Approval: After completing the aforementioned steps, you must apply for a license, which could take up to 7 days and lists all the activities that are permitted in the UAE for company formation in Dubai.
  6. Opening a Bank Account in UAE: Every company requires a bank account, to carry out all transactions related to business. For company formation in Dubai, an entrepreneur can create a bank account with any of the regional banks in the UAE.
  7. Submission of application: Following completion of the aforementioned steps, you must submit an application for a license. This can take up to 7 days and lists all activities that are legal in the UAE.
  8. Opening a Bank Account in the UAE: In order to conduct all business-related operations, every organization needs a bank account. An entrepreneur can open a bank account for company formation in Dubai at any local bank in the city.

Key Benefits of Online Company Registration in the UAE/Dubai

  • Tax Consequences: With the exception of a 5% VAT for company formation in Dubai, there are no taxes or fees associated with online business.
  • Super Simple to Setup: The UAE works hard to make the application and registration processes for business licenses as simple and straightforward as possible for investors. It takes very little time to apply for an e-commerce business license in Dubai/UAE.
  • Low-Cost Method: In the UAE, starting an online business is incredibly inexpensive throughout the entire process. With no paid-up share capital for company formation in Dubai, the cost of a trade license can be quite minimal.
  • Various Office Space Options: Affordable office space choices are available in Dubai/UAE for company formation in Dubai, albeit they may not be a must for you. For this, there are numerous possibilities in Dubai and around the UAE.
  • Multiple Visa Options: It is feasible to apply for one or more types of visas if you operate an online store in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. There are several different visa choices available.
  • Duty to Import/Export: E-commerce licenses are exempt from import and export taxes, which simplifies the registration process for company formation in Dubai.


The best opportunity for an entrepreneur may be provided by the thriving economy of Dubai. The outstanding infrastructure that Dubai promotes allows for tax exemption for business owners. Before establishing brands in Dubai, LegalRaasta provides start-ups and other SMEs with all necessary legal knowledge.

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Here, we are offering those budding entrepreneurs our assistance with company formation in Dubai. LegalRaasta can be contacted for more assistance. Here, we thoroughly assess your type of business and help you with the capital requirements, onshore/offshore online company formation in Dubai/UAE, and other issues. Your business value will be maximized and your objectives will be best met by the solutions you select with the assistance of our Experts.