ESIC registration or Employees State Insurance registration is a social security program that offers medical and disablement benefits to the employees. It is overseen by Employee State Insurance Corporation and falls under the ESI Act, 1948. ESIC assures this provision to all the employees pan India. It is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Who needs to do it?

The entities which are eligible to ESIC registration are

  • If the company/entity has at least 10 employees (20 in some states) then it is a necessity.
  • Also, if all the employees are paid under Rs.21,000 per month, then 1.75% by the employee and 4.75% by the employer. So, it totals up to 6.50% of the total income of the person.
  • It is mandatory for all the companies/industrial units where 50-90% of injuries happen during the office premises.
  • Entities include Shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatre, road motor transport undertakings, newspaper, Private Medical and Educational Institutions employing 10(20 or more persons in certain States) persons are required to get ESIC registration online
  • Employing 20 persons is not enough. The amount of wage, as indicated under Section 2(9) of the ESI Act, needs to be followed as well to be eligible for ESIC registration.

Documentation process for ESIC registration

  • Registration certificate. If it is a factory, then the certificate under the Factories Act, if it is a shop/establishment, then the Shops and Establishment certificate is required.
  • If it is a company, then the Certificate of registration or if it is a partnership, the partnership deed.
  • Memorandum of Association or Article of Association of the company
  • List of all the employees along with their compensation details
  • List of all the directors/partners/shareholders along with their addresses
  • Pan card of the company and of all the employees working in the company
  • A canceled cheque from the bank account in the name of the company
  • Total number of working days of the employee

Online Procedure of ESIC Registration

  • First, go to www.esic.in and click on signup
  • Enter the initial details like company name, Principal employer name, state, region, email id, and phone number. Click submit
  • Check your mail for login credentials.
  • After logging in using the information available in the mail, click on “new employer registration”
  • Select the type of unit you are operating, a shop, company, partnership firm and so on.
  • Now, ESIC registration form-01 appears. All the fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to be filled.
  • After filling in all the necessary details, the credentials will be checked.
  • A new 17 digit exceptional character will be given to the association.
  • Employees registered under ESI will get an ESI card after submitting photos with subtle elements of relatives
  • ESI registration is valid until the lifetime of the firm/establishment but any amendments needed to be made shall be informed to ESI.

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Forms falling under ESIC registration

  • Form 72: This is utilized to get an ESIC smart card.
  • Form 23: This form is a certificate to profit the perpetual disablement advantage
  • Form 24: Utilize is an assertion to perpetual disablement advantage
  • Form 22: It is used to cover burial/cremation service cost
  • Form 20: It is used to profit the maternity benefits after the demise of safeguard individual
  • Form 19: To assert maternity benefits and notice of work, submit this form
  • Form 16: Utilize this form to influence claims under disablement to profit
  • Form 15: You can utilize this to claim to profit subordinate advantages.
  • Form 14: It is a claim form for changeless inability advantage
  • Form 12: It contains all the list of mishaps.
  • Form 11: List of accidents fall under this form
  • Form 9: Use this form to make claims for a disorder, transitory disablement advantage, and maternity advantage.
  • Form 6: Use this form to make ESIC employee registration
  • Form 5A: Utilise this form if you wish to make a propel installment for your contribution
  • Form 5: To return contributions made by an employee
  • Form 3: It is a form for the return of announcement.
  • Form 2: If you wish to roll out improvements in form 1 use this form
  • Form 1: Form 1 is an announcement form
  • Form 01: Use this to register yourself as an employer
  • Form 1A: It is a family announcement form
  • Form 142: To make claims for remuneration for loss of profit and movement to remittance.
  • Form 105: Certificate of qualification
  • Form 86: Certificate of registration
  • Form 63: Declaration form to ensure providing a legitimate beneficiary
  • Form 53: For any amendments in particulars of safeguard individual
  • Form 37: Certificate showing continuation/re-work of business
  • Form 32: Wage-contributory in case of disablement advantage

Benefits of ESIC registration

  • Sickness benefits are provided in a total of 70% of the total salary, in case sick leave is taken (mentioned under certified illness) for a maximum of 91 days.
  • Number of medical benefits to the employee and his/her family members
  • Maternity benefits to the employee for a period of 3 months
  • In case of death of an employee while on work, then 90% of the salary will be provided to the family members every month after the demise
  • Same conditions will apply in case of disability of a person
  • Funeral/cremation expenses will be covered as well
  • Also, after retirement, old age medical care expenses will be provided.

Drawbacks of ESIC registration

Although few, there are still some drawbacks associated with ESIC registration. Some are

  • Cash deposited might be inadequate to cover all the expenses
  • Inflation add insult to injury for such security
  • The money deposited could be used for other business purposes

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