E-commerce is a convenience enjoyed by the millions of citizens in India. It has provided a platform for hassle-free and reasonably priced products to the millions of customers at a nationwide level. In India, there are different domestic e-commerce businesses that have millions of loyal customers. Such loyal customers, when satisfied with the services of the e-commerce businesses, lead to multiple clients as references.

This enables the businesses to grow exponentially. Some of these companies are Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Jabong, and Myntra, etc. These domestic businesses are doing a brisk business in India gradually growing into a billion dollar businesses, based on projections.

Amidst these new businesses are two major players that have a strong international presence in online business for products offered at reasonable prices, these businesses are Amazon.com and Alibaba.com.

Amazon.com is a famous multi-billion dollar business that offers a range of products to the clients. This is due to the doorstep delivery service enjoyed by their customers. Amazon is also famous for offering the products with top-grade quality at reasonable prices.

The technique of providing products against cash on delivery on the same day has raised the bar of competition in the domestic market with the entrance of international players like Amazon.com, now known as www.amazon.in, in India.

The domestic market at present is responding well to the top notch services provided to the customer-suited best as per their requirements. Additionally, reasonable pricing has brought millions of products into the customer’s budget.

India has the young population which is largely untapped by the e-commerce market the rising level of disposable income in the country. At present, roughly 80% of the nation’s population has smartphones and other types of cell phones.

This is evidence of India’s population rapidly becoming tech savvy. Another reason for Amazon’s  grand success is that the products are sourced from local vendors without any compromise on product quality.

Thus, the domestic manufacturing industry of India is gradually becoming stronger. The domestic market provides almost all the products at competitive pricing to the customer’s that reduces the dependency on the sourcing of the products and services from international markets.

Since its introduction in India, Amazon has created a large network of suppliers by initiating various programs aimed at educating small businesses about the e-commerce industry and its benefits. The team traveled more than 9000 miles in 31 cities and successfully created a network of suppliers putting their tensions aside.

The sellers realized the benefits of selling via Amamzon.com online to the customers, when they sold the genuine products and services to the clients at a nationwide level bringing home increased revenue.




If you’re a seller or have a potentially successful business idea, then you can benefit from Amazon’s large customer pool. The company offers its huge online platform to the businesses of all sizes. Thus, leading these businesses to quickly establish a nationwide customer base from different market segments.

Below mentioned are the various product categories on Amazon:

  • Beauty Products, Books, Baby Products, Digital Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen.
  • Home, Luggage, Jewellery, Mobile Phones, Personal Computers, Toys, Tablets.
  • Personal Care Appliances, Video Games, and Watches.

Well selling products on Amazon has its own benefits. You will get streamlined and fast paced efficient services for the Payments, Logistics, Marketing and Marketplace Study, etc. Amazon India has a unique and simple registration process for Sellers.

Sellers must Provide the Following Information:-

  • Business Entity Name.

It is highly recommended that sellers be registered as a  Limited Liability Partnership or a Private Limited Company or a One Person Company. This is because such entities are easy to start and provide the all Limited Liability Protection.

  • Address & Phone Number.

Provide the registered office address or addresses for the place of business. The phone number provided must available for verification and active.

  • VAT or CST Registration Information.

Handicrafts, Books, and material are not subject to VAT. These sellers do not require the VAT Registration for these products. However, if products are subject to VAT, then sellers must have the VAT Number and CST Number to start selling on Amazon India.

  • Bank Account Information.

The sellers must furnish the following information regarding their bank account. So it is important for the sellers to complete the Amazon India Partner Registration Process.

Provide Amazon India with the following Banking Details.

  • Name of Bank Account
  • Type of Account
  • Account Number
  • IFS Code

Once the potential seller has completed and furnished the above-mentioned details to Amazon India, it is important and mandatory to complete the Amazon Partner Quiz. The seller must mention the detailed information related to the listing of the products and management on the Amazon Seller Dashboard.