What is Inbound Services

Inbound call center services are the services where the customer ring a single number to order products, make a payment, register a purchase or obtain product information. It works best when it provides customers with a single point of contact for all their service questions. Support request is possible in Inbound services or they can make an inquiry about a product. It is necessary that an agent who is handling the incoming calls must have the product and technical knowledge to deal with the call individually. Moreover, transfer the call to a specialist. This article focuses on the Inbound and outbound call center services.

Inbound call center services

Following are the services provided by the Inbound services:

  1. Customer services: this is the facility to serve a customer before and after purchasing a product or services to ensure the customer service.
  2. Helpdesk: it is a service provided by the agents who assists, guides, troubleshoots and offers solutions to the computer related problem and IT related products. Helpdesk has a lot of responsibilities and functions. They supply the user a vital information on computer issues and queries.
  3. Technical troubleshooting: it is the repair or advice service provided to the customer over the phone or their IT related issues. The role of tech support has expanded to included telesales- pre and postsales technical support, product support, technical applications and support, network tech support, remote support and remote IT infrastructure management services.
  4. Order taking: It is the services which help the customers to place their orders directly via telephone to the order taking agents. The agents will process the order and answer the customers to their doubts that may have about the products.

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What is Outbound Services

Outbound call center services are the services which can also strengthen customer relationships by increasing contact and improving the quality of customer experience. The manager can make major use of agents during quiet periods that can further improve the productivity. Calling a customer for feedback after a service visit demonstrates that you are concerned about the quality of service is a part of call center services.

Outbound call center services

Following are the services provided by the Outbound services:

  1. Telemarketing: telemarketing is defined as the marketing of goods and services via telephone. it is the process of selling and promoting the products as well as an act to the prospective customers over the phone.
  2. Lead generation: it is the process of gathering information from the customers and create an interest in the business products or services. Lead generation includes Online Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Direct mail etc. It could work for any business but many industries using this type of marketing include insurance agencies, educational institutions, office suppliers and furniture store etc.
  3. Surveys: the surveys benefit the companies so as to improve their business by obtaining the customer’s feedback, to research the demands and enhance their offerings such that they satisfy the customer’s need and ultimately profit their business.
  4. Debt Collection: it is performed to follow and ensure the payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. This is commonly found in mortgage, insurance, and financial markets. Besides, it saves time and money for the company in debt collection when it is outsourced.

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