Principle of proportional representation for appointment of directors

A director is an individual who directs, supervises, or oversees the company’s affairs. According to the Companies Act of 2013, a director is someone who is appointed to undertake the functions and duties of a company. Directors play a vital role in the management of a company’s operations. As a result, their hiring is important for […]

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Transfer Pricing In India: Complete Overview and impact due to COVID on transfer pricing

Transfer pricing standards apply to foreign transactions as well as some domestic transactions between related businesses (AE). The rules and methods for pricing transactions within and between enterprises under common ownership or control are referred to as transfer pricing in taxation and accounting.

Profits resulting from such transactions must be measured using the arm’s length price […]

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eFORM ACTIVE (INC-22A): Applicability, Filing Fee And Requirements

An online form for the address validation of a company is known as eFORM ACTIVE INC-22A (Applicable Tagging Identities and Verification) . If a company wants to change it’s registered address, it can be done through eFORM ACTIVE. It is compulsory to fill the INC-22A form for the authentication of their registered office address. This has […]

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Defunct Company: Methods to Fast track exit


Defunct Company is a company which does not have any asset or any liability. The Defunct company that fails to commence business in its first year of establishment.

On the 5th of  April 2017, the most awaited procedure of Fast track Exit is activated. Section 248 of the Companies Act 2013 deals with the fast-track exit procedure. Strike […]

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Form MGT-8: Applicability, Compliance aspects & penalties

Introduction to Form MGT-8

Form MGT-8 is a certificate for the fulfillment of the annual return certified by a Company Secretary are as follows:

  • having paid-up share capital of ten crore rupees
  • or more or turnover of fifty crore rupees
  • or more by a listed company, by the practicing company secretary.

According to Rule 11(2), Companies Act […]

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Declaration of Dividend as per companies Act 2013

What is Dividend

Under section 2(35) of the Companies Act, 2013 defines the dividend as the specific portion of the profit given to the shareholders from the net profit of the company. For the distribution of dividend net profit is legally available at the company’s account. Divided is further described as a return […]

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