Obtain DPCC License is a process that every industry needs to go through to legally operate in the NCR. (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) is an independent governing body that was instituted by the Delhi government under the administration of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). This body was established on 1st June 1991. Every power and function of CPCB has been transferred to DPCC.

This organization was created to spread awareness about sustainable development that also guarantees an improvement in the “environment quality” of the NCR.

DPCC consent

Delhi comes under the Air Pollution Control Area by section 19 (1) of the Air Act. This means that no industrial plant is allowed to emit any type of pollutant (be it solid, liquid or gaseous) into the environment with the prior consent of the DPCC.

This certificate functions as a bond that makes sure that every industry works in such a way that it doesn’t harm the environment.

In case your industry discharge waste in sewer, land, well or stream, then you must apply for DPCC license today.

Consent to Establish

CTE is the primary step for any industry/trade and activities involved in manufacturing processor and/or emitting pollution, by way of water/air/noise pollution.

This is a certificate that is a must for every industry, as per the Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981. Every industry needs to obtain this before establishing an industry.

The validity for this certificate is of 1 year only, but if an industry is not able to establish within a year then it can apply for renewal. But if the period expires and there is no renewal, then the industry owner has to apply for the CTE certificate again.

Following 5 sections comes under Consent To Establish:

  • General
  • Wastewater aspects
  • Air emission aspects
  • Hazardous waste aspects
  • Additional information

Consent to Operate

The same acts mentioned above, provide details about consent to Operate. After obtaining the Consent to Establish, the industry needs to ascertain the Consent to Operate.

The validity of this certificate is of 5 years in the case of the Orange category and 10 years in the case of the Green category. Once this period expires, the industry needs to renew this certificate with the DPCC.

Within 4 months of the receipt of the application of consent, DPCC is to grant the consent to establish. Once all the other formalities such as MCD license, power-water connection, CETP membership (if CETP membership exists) is through, then the industry can get the Consent to Operate.

Who is to apply for DPCC consent?

Any individual or business entity that generates, collects, receives, stores, transport, treat, disposes and/or handles any kind of industrial waste in any manner, except clinics, dispensaries, pathological laboratories, blood banks providing their services to less than 1000 patients/month. All of these institutions need to make an application in Form I to the DPCC for grant of CTO and CTE.

The step-wise procedure to obtain DPCC license

  • First of all, you need to fill up our simple questionnaire on our website
  • Then, you need to pay the required amount (starting with just Rs.10,000)
  • After this, you need to email us all the required documents
  • Finally, our experts will carry out the entire process. You can sit back and relax. Once this is through, we will send you your consent certificates via mail.

Documents required to obtain DPCC License

For this, you need to submit the following documents online:

  • CA certificate
  • Location plan/Site plan of the Business entity
  • Municipality/Local Body Water Connection Certificate
  • Resolution of Board of Directors/Partnership Deed/Proprietorship Certificate/Memorandum of Association/Article of Association
  • Land documents (Registration Deed/Rent deed/ Lease deed)

Government Fee charged to obtain DPCC license

The following are the charges decided by the Government:

Business entity Fee charged
The operator of the facility of Bio-medical waste Rs.10,000/annum
Transporter of Bio-medical waste Rs.7,500/annum
Clinics, path-labs, and blood banks Rs.1,000/annum
Veterinarian Institutes, Dispensaries, and Animal houses Rs.1,000/annum
Hospitals, nursing homes, and health care establishments (up to 4 beds) Rs.100/bed per annum (from 5th bed onwards)
Health care establishments/units run by government/ government body/Non-Profit Organization Rs.100/annum

All the industries coming under the Red category are not to obtain DPCC consent. This is because these are extremely polluting industries, having a pollution index of above 60. These industries cannot obtain the certificate, as these are not permitted to set up in the NCR.

Prohibited/negative industries as per DPCC

Including this, all the industries falling under the White category need not obtain consent as well. This is because these industries are technically non-polluting, having a pollution index of 0-20. These can be set up without consent in the NCR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My company is involved in the trading business. For this, do I need to get consent?
As per the regulations mentioned by the board, there is no need to obtain consent in the case of the trading business
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Every industry is required to obtain CTO and CTE (except white and Red).
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