Like to cook? Bake? Like to serve your own cooked food? Love the smell of freshly baked goods? Are you the food expert at your house? Like to bake Cookies, Cream rolls, Cakes, Cupcakes? Would like to start your own Home-Based Bakery Business?

Cooking is an art. Be it making the edibles* come into life or judging how much thick the curry of Malai kofta actually should be when you’re sitting with your friends at a random restaurant! A baker just can’t do without actually thinking of the perfect mixtures of elements to be put in a dish even when they’re just TALKING ABOUT IT!

Feeling familiar?

The universal truth is – We all love food!

Some like to eat it only, but the blessed ones are those who love to make it and they make it exceptionally good!

How to Register? Where to Register for your Home-Based Bakery Business?

Let’s start with the basics… To open and run a bakery, you’ll have to have a food business operator license, VAT registration, and trademark registration.

~ Food Business Operator License:- An FSSAI food license is required compulsorily to operate a home based business, in your case, Home Based Bakery. FSSAI is Food Safety Standards Authority of India. It is associated with Ministry of Health and Welfare of Family (Govt. Of India). The head office of FSSAI is in Delhi and for manufacturing storage, packaging, selling, and distribution of any kind of baked goods, the FSSAI license is necessary.

~Vat Registration:- VAT (Value Added Tax) registration must be obtained from the local sales tax authorities for those who want to run a home-based bakery business. A Partnership, a limited Company or a Single Proprietorship, you will have to get Vat Registration.

~ Trademark Registration:- Trademark Registration will be beneficial to have to help people become aware of your new marketing brand! It is not costly, won’t even take more than Rs.7000 to get Trademark Registration. Basically, getting a trademark will differentiate your brand of business from other businesses, marking it (Yes! Marking it!) Unique and different from others.

Make it Big! Advertise about it. The more you share about your little business the more it’ll spread in the market. Well, in this case, it’s more convenient (and beneficial) when the customer itself spreads information about your baked goods. There are other sources of marketing of course, like making your own blog, posting about your items on the menus there and providing basic information on it like where the bakery is located, etc. You could also take online orders on it! Pay extra attention to your customers’ feedback and improve your services according to it.
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