The concept of Trademark status

With the advent of Trademark registration online in India, the efficiency and transparency of the trademark filing have improved. Now, the application of trademark can be tracked online and various actions could also be taken by a trademark expert or the application based on the trademarks applications current status. You can go through the Trademark public search to know the current status of your trademark. As soon as your trademark has been applied and the class of application is entered, the system will return the status of the trademark registration. Following are the various status of a trademark to enlighten to more clearly:

Status: New Application

It means your application has just entered into the trademark application database.

Status: Send to Vienna Codification

It means the trademark is being assigned codes as per the Vienna codification. This is the next step for non-text trademark application that contains a logo or artwork.

Status: Formalities Chk Pass

If your application status is stuck at this level then it is considered that it has passed all the basic filing requirements for trademark registration and is now ready to be processed.

Status: Marked for an exam

It means the application for trademark has now been taken up by a trademark examiner to check for acceptability.

Status: Objected

When your status is at objected then it means that your application has been issued an adverse examination report by the trademark examiner. The trademark applicant has the option to address the objection raised.

Status: Exam Report Issued

It means the trademark application will be published in the trademark journal. This status could also mean that the trademark application requires slight modifications to be published in the trademark journal.

Status: Refused

This is for that when your trademark registration has been refused on the applicant’s response to the adverse report or objection.

Status: Adv. before accepted

Now, the trademark is ready to be published and pending some amendments from the applicant.

Status: Opposed

It specifies that the trademark application has been opposed by a third-party and the trademark applicant must resolve the opposition’s concerns through the trademark registrar.

Status: Abandoned

It means that you have not responded to the trademark registrar within the prescribed time.

Status: Withdrawn

The trademark application has been withdrawn by the applicant prior to trademark registration.

Status: Removed

It means your trademark has been removed from the trademark registry. So, the mark is no longer trademarked.

Status: Registered

The status “Registered” means that the trademark application has been accepted and the trademark is now registered.

Actually, the process of a trademark registration may take around 12-24 months. It is relevant to get the benefits of a trademark registration for all entrepreneur to keep tabs on the trademark applications throughout the Trademark application procedure to respond to any of the concerns of the trademark registrar in a timely fashion. 

Checking Trademark Status

Of course, every applicant needs to check the status of a trademark which he/she has applied for. After Trademark filing, the trademark registrar office will process the application over a period of 6-12 months. Throughout the period of this, every entrepreneur must keep visiting the trademark registrar website to track the status of the application. In such kind of objection or opposition, the entrepreneur would be first required to respond to the application within the time provided to ensure that the application does not become abandoned. In this article, we will let you know how to check the Trademark status on IPINDIA website.

Step 1. Access IPINDIA Website

The reliable, most recent and up to date information on a trademark application can be found on IPINDIA website. You can click here to go to the IPINDIA Trademark status page.

Then you will be there at the E-register main page with four options:

  • Trademark Application/Registration Mark
  • Trademark Indexes
  • Receipt/Acknowledgement for Postal Application
  • Track Legal Certificate Requests

By clicking on the Trademark application/Registered Mark button on the left-hand side, you will proceed to the next window.

Step 2. Select National/IRDI Number

The next step is to continue by clicking on the National/IRDI Number:

Step 3. Write the Trademark Application Number

Enter the trademark application number in the space provided, complete the CAPTCHA then click on the view button.

Step 4. View Trademark application information

As soon as you are done with the captcha code, the system will return the most up to date trademark application information along with a list of all documents filed with the trademark application.

Now, you can see your trademark status easily.

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