An Offer Letter is basically a formal written document sent by an employer to a job candidate selected for employment. It generally contains all the terms and conditions of employment and is usually provided in writing to a candidate who has been selected to work with the company. It depends on how the company handles the hiring process but it has always been a good idea to have formal written confirmation of the offer so as to clear the employment conditions. In the Job Offer Letter format, following are the information that must be there:

  1. Position offered
  2. Job location
  3. Starting date
  4. Salary
  5. Other information related to the job which is being offered

The candidate can accept it by signing a copy of that offer letter and return the same to the employer within the time prescribed in it.

How and who can use the Offer Letter?

The HR Manager of the company or Manager of a company can use this offer letter format to inform a job application of the successful evaluation of his candidature. On the other hand, through the process of offering this job letter, a candidate can also be sure that he/she has been employed and will be ready to take up employment. He/she can receive the corresponding benefits subject to the terms and conditions stipulated therein.

How to create an Offer Letter format?

Actually, offer letters are printed on the letterhead of the employer and signed by the Management or HR Manager authorized to hire the candidate. Besides, a company seal or trademark should be there at the end of the content so as to give it an added quality of formality and importance. If the candidate wants to accept the offered position, then he must sign a copy of the letter and return it to the employer to indicate the acceptance of the job offer.

You can also download an Offer Letter format pdf from here.

A sample of an Offer Letter

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