What is the cost of trademark registration?

Gone are the days when you had to travel to one of the metropolises, such as Delhi or Mumbai, to get something done. However, we live in the digital age. Similarly, you can register a trademark logo for your business in any city. One of them is Trademark Logo registration, so we will go over how to apply for a trademark here’s seasoned trademark experts, we can tell you that the trademark registration process is lengthy and exhaustive. Businesses require the assistance of trademark consultants to register their logos. As a result, we provide you with the expertise required to register your trademark with the authorities. But, before we get there, let's go over the exact cost of trademark registration in India. As we, the Legalraasta, are aware of the city's growing capacity to become a startup hub in the coming years, we are also aware of the requirements businesses need to run their operations, so we will show you how to apply for a trademark. Read More - How Much Time does It Take for a Trademark To be Approved

Registration Fees for Trademark Applications

A trademark can be owned by any individual, business, or organization. Due to the fierce competition and ongoing digitalization, many businesses also file trademark applications for goods packaging or the actual product. Once the preceding steps have been completed correctly, filing the application may be one of the simplest. It's like laying the foundation for your house before you start building. It is critical to include the correct information in your application to avoid later objections from the trademark office, which comes with experience. The officials will collect fees for each category, and some elements, such as a collection of marks and linked symbols, will have separate fees, so we will tell you what the actual fees for how to apply for trademark are. Trademark Registration Fees: LegalRaasta's professional fees are based on the client's needs per application and class, with a one-day turnaround time. Registration can be completed in six months if the trademark is distinctive. The government fees for how to apply for trademark registration in India are Rs. 4,500 per application per class for individuals, private limited companies, startups, and small businesses or MSME, and Rs. 9,000 per application per class for everyone else, such as partnerships or joint applications. Trademark Objection Fees: The trademark office may raise objections when reviewing your application to register your trademark. These objections must be addressed and addressed within one to two months of their being raised. The majority of these objections can be avoided if your service provider anticipates them during the classification and trademark search. This not only lowers the cost of registering a trademark in India, but it also speeds up the application process. There are no official fees, and professional fees are determined by the client per application, trademark, and class. The processing time for an application is 1.5 to 2 years from the date of filing. Read More - How Long does a Trademark Registration Take? Trademark Renewal Fees: A trademark renewal can be requested in India six months before it expires. The renewal protects your trademark rights for an additional ten years. Our LegalRaasta Professional fees are based on the client's needs per application, per trademark, and per class, with official fees of Rs. 9000 per class.

How to apply for trademark with Legalraasta

If you are having trouble registering your brand's trademark logo, please contact legalraasta. It is the country's leading trademark consultancy service provider. Even if our clients are in the most remote areas of the country, we can provide registration services to them. Legalraasta is aware of any city's burgeoning business capacity for how to apply for trademark. As a result, we can help such businesses by assisting them in the registration of their trademark logo. Among the services we offer are:
  • Perform a trademark search using the trademark logo.
  • Make any necessary changes to the trademark.
  • Please provide the necessary documents.
  • On your behalf, we will draught and file the trademark registration application online.
  • Submit the application and supporting documents to the authorities.
  • During the application evaluation, address any raised objections.
  • Prepare a response to any raised trademark objections on your behalf during the publication period.
  • Finally, deliver the trademark logo registration certificate.
  • So, if you want to get your Logo registered quickly, get in touch with us.


Trademark intellectual property rights are created when a brand wants to differentiate itself from competitors and give its products a distinct identity. By following the steps and paying the fees involved in trademark registration, a company or individual can obtain a registered mark and protect their brand from market infringement. The preceding steps aid the company in registering its trademark and protecting it from legal infringement. Anyone who uses a trademark without permission risks being sued by the trademark owner. The above-mentioned trademark registration fees provide a good indication of the overall cost of registering a trademark in India. Despite the fact that the cost of trademark registration in India varies slightly depending on how many trademark classes you file your trademark under, registering your trademark has the benefit of protecting your company's reputation.
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