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A registered or authorized sign, symbol, thereby word, or combination of words used to represent a business's goods or services is called a trademark. Consequently, the most crucial aspect of a company's existence is its trademark, as any tampering or unlawful use of it by any business to which it is not associated provides the authorized firm with the ability to legal action. A trademark logo is necessary for any well-established business to showcase its brand. For the consumer to recognize the products or services you offer in the marketplace, they must be presented in this manner. To obtain such a logo for the brand, get in contact with Legal Raasta Trademark Experts. They'll get you the trademark logo you want with the least amount of legal hiccups. When starting a firm, trademarking is crucial. By correctly registering your trademarks, you can keep competitors from exploiting your distinctive brand.

Why Logo?

A company's logo is a form of trademark that is typically used by the company or individual and appears on printed materials about the firm's services or products. The logo for the company might be a single design, a design that combines letters and/or words, or just a design made up of stylized letters and/or words. However, these would not be regarded as logos because some trademarks are just made up of letters or words.

Qualifications for Registering a Trademark Logo

  • Characteristics Of The Ideal Logo.
    (a) The company's logo should be sophisticated, accurate, and simple for customers to recall.
    (b) An excellent trademark logo design needs to have all the required components, such as stunning design, words, text, sketch lines, colors, and text.
    (c) The names of any community, religion, place, or already-registered brand should not be in contradiction with the logo.
    (d) There shouldn't be any adulterous or commercial language in the company logo.
  • Documents Needed to Register a Trademark Logo.

Conditions for Registering a Trademark Logo. To advance his candidacy before the Examiner, the applicant for online trademark logo registration must accompany the company logos registration application with the following paperwork.

  • Name, nationality, address, and, if the applicant is a firm, the state of incorporation, are examples of applicant details.
  • Items or offerings for registration.
  • Trademark or logo infringement.
  • Date of your initial trademark use in India, assuming you had one before applying.
  • The applicant must sign the power of attorney on stamp paper worth Rs. 100.
  • It is necessary to translate any non-English words in the mark into English if they are present.

How to Register a Trademark Logo

The Procedure of Registering a Trademark Logo Online

A company's trademark is only valid for 10 years after it is registered with the Registrar after it is founded. It's a straightforward, significant process that doesn't take much work.

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Step 1: Search for Trademarks

  • Finding a trademark's availability and uniqueness is the first step towards registering it.
  • A trademark attorney will conduct both offline and online research.
  • Upon verification of uniqueness, the application for trademark registration may be submitted.

Step 2: Filing a Trademark Application

  • One can file a trademark application both offline and online.
  • Create an account on the Office of Trademarks Portal.
  • Use your digital signature or user ID to log in after registering.
  • To create a temporary application number, complete the application and save your information.
  • Approve the document with a digital signature.
  • Send in the application fee.
  • Two days following payment receipt, a permanent application identification number is generated.

Step 3: Trademark Examination

  • Following the filing of the trademark application, any irregularities are examined.
  • The examination takes one to three years.
  • It is possible to pass the test without reservation, with conditions, or against them.
  • The trademark is entered into the Trademark Journal upon complete acceptance.
  • If rejected, the trademark cannot be published in the Trademark Journal until the objections listed in the report of examination are addressed within a month.

Step 4: Publication of Trademarks

  • This step includes a public declaration of trademark registration and a window of three to four months after publication for any objections.
  • If there isn't any opposition, the trademark gets registered.
  • If there is opposition, the matter is heard fairly, and the Registrar makes the final determination.

Step 5: Certificate of Registration

Registration for a trademark certificate is granted upon the registration of the application and its publication in the Trademark Journal.

Our Assistance in Registering the Trademark Logo

At Legal Raasta, we offer comprehensive solutions for the registration of trademark logos. Among our offerings are:

  • gathering data and initiating the procedure.
  • composing the application.
  • examining the draft and revising it as needed.
  • keeping an eye on the application and assisting you in getting your trademark published.

Leading legal consulting company Legal Raasta offers a wide range of services related to trademark logos.

When can a search be conducted to see if similar or identical marks already exist before applying for registration?

If you would want to conduct your search (both similarity and identical), the suggested processes are as follows. The first step is to use the instructions below to examine the availability of your mark on the government's free portal.

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  • Click this link to access the government search portal.
  • Choose the appropriate search class from the 45 distinct business classifications provided here.

Regarding Wordmark

  • Use the "Contain" drop-down menu rather than "Start With" for a more comprehensive search.
  • Please be aware that if the names sound identical, the Trademark Registry is going to complain. Consequently, look up words that sound similar for better results.
  • It should be noted that the website frequently experiences downtime issues and that it occasionally displays an incorrect "no record found" message. And hence, if such a situation arises, at least two confirmations are advised.
  • Please be aware that the portal updates normally once a month on average. As a result, the search will not include recent filings.
  • During your trademark registration procedure, it is advised that the name be altered if you find any results that are similar to your trademark and the same or comparable class or same or similar business description. This will help you prevent any negative reactions.

Regarding Logo

  • To classify a logo, one must use the Vienna code search. You can use this interface to look for the necessary Vienna code class: By selecting the search button (upper left) and typing in the keyword (upper right), you can find suitable Vienna Classification by browsing the category.
  • When the pertinent Vienna code has been identified, please input it using the list of choices to choose "Vienna Code" as the Search Type instead of "Wordmark" in the search interface.
  • Input the applicable Vienna Code using the format provided below. 1.1.1 will change to 010101, and 1.2.12 to 010212.
  • Sort by the appropriate class and hit Enter. The wordmark and the relevance criterion will be comparable.

Classification of Vienna codes

It provides the information needed to verify a trademark according to Vienna code criteria for searching by providing the specifics of the worldwide classification of figurative aspects of marks. Before the trademark is registered, a search must be conducted.

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