Requirements for Executive Director

Following are the requirements under the companies act: Condition 1.  A person should be a director of the company to become an Executive director. Condition 2. A person should be a whole-time director to become an Executive Director of the company. Condition 3. Overall, Director + Whole time employee of the company indirectly will be considered as the Executive Director due to (2)(1)(k) whether designated by the company as an executive director or not.

Requirements for Non- Executive Director

1. Build Personal Attributes: The qualities that a non-executive director must have are independent, challenging, passionate, objective, entrepreneurial, mature, intelligent, supportive, well-rounded, interesting, and smart. 2. Possess a Business Background: financial analysts, chartered accountants, MBAs, and other people coming from a heavy business background secure more easily a non-executive director job. 3. Get Through The Interview:  Feel free to quiz the chairman about the big issues and the organization’s concerns. This would give you a good idea of the governance path you need to follow for maintaining the direction and morale of the organization.