What to do if the income tax refund is delayed?

It is firmly prompted that you document your annual assessment forms quickly. This is on the grounds that the sooner you document your profits, the sooner you will accept your discount, in case there is one. Over the long haul, the annual expense office will be immersed with extra re-visitations of the handle. This […]

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Charitable Trusts and NGO – Income Tax Benefits

Did you know that doing good deeds and being kind can help you save money on taxes? The Indian Income Tax Act, Section 80G, makes provision for this. To calculate your taxable income, you can deduct your donations to Central and State Relief Funds, NGOs, and other Charitable Trusts or institutions under Section 80G. In this […]

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Section 44ADA – Presumptive Tax Scheme for Professionals

India has a wide variety of businesses, and India’s economy is strong. India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy with its booming industries, including construction, automobile manufacturing, and mining production. India is also one of the largest importers and exporters in the world. With such a diverse range of businesses happening in India–and so […]

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Section 112A of Income Tax Act, 1961


Through the Finance Bill 2018, the govt has presented Section 112A under the tax Act, 1961. The new section 112A has been embedded to collect long-term capital gain charges on the exchange of value share, units of value arranged assets, and units of a business trust. The justification behind the presentation of new section 112A, […]

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Section 43b of Income Tax Act,1961

Individuals can claim certain payments as an expense under the rules of the Income Tax Act of 1961 when their income is produced under the heading of profits and gains of business or profession (PGBP). Specific criteria, on the other hand, bind such a tax provision. The provision of Section 43B of the Income Tax Act […]

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How to generate income tax return(itr)in xml file

There are two ways to file income tax returns (ITR): online and offline. In the first approach, you can fill out an online form with all of the essential information and submit it. You must download the corresponding income tax tool in either excel or java format, fill out the form, save your changes, generate […]

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