AS 9 Revenue Recognition

” Profit is the gross flux of cash, receivables, or other consideration arising in the course of an enterprise’s ordinary conditioning from the trade of goods, picture of services, and from colorful other sources similar as interest, royalties, and tips,” according to the ICAI’s AS 9 Profit Recognition.

 Preface of AS 9 Profit Recognition

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Duties of an Auditor

An auditor is a qualified individual who examines and confirms the accuracy of financial documents and ensures that businesses adhere to tax regulations. Their main goal is to safeguard organizations from fraud and to draw attention to any inconsistencies in accounting systems, among other things. In general, being an auditor is not a stroll in the […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to The Accounting Cycle

Financial statements are censorious to your business. Without them, you would not be able to do things like plan expenses, assure loans, or vend your business. But how do they create? Through the accounting cycle (every so often called the “bookkeeping cycle”).

The accounting cycle is a multi-stage procedure designed to transform all of your company’s raw financial […]

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