What are the Steps and Costs Involved in Registering a Trademark in India? Registering a Trademark

A trademark allows you to prevent others from using your company as a prop and protects your brand. A trademark is anything you use to distinguish your products from those of competitors, such as words, colours, logos, object shapes, sounds, and three-dimensional designs. A trademark provides a distinct identity to a service, product, or company. Furthermore, […]

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What Documents do I Need to Register My Trademark in India Documents Required for Trademark Registration

What Documents do I Need to Register My Trademark in India?

An Overview of Trademark

A trademark gives a brand name to the products and services associated with the same business. It provides a unique identification to the company or business that no other company or firm can use or copy. The owner of a registered trademark has […]

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Types of Trademarks Registered in India Types of Trademarks

Types of Trademarks Registered in India
Trademarks are pieces of intellectual property that include names, words, signs, and expressions that set one company or brand apart from those of its competitors. A trademark is a valuable tool that a proprietor can use to monetize both his trademark and his product. Additionally, trademarks serve as a barrier between […]

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How to conduct trademark search : Process, Classes, Benefits

Process of conducting a Trademark search

A Trademark filing could be of anything such as sign, design or expression which identifies products or services from a particular source. A Registered logo provides its owner an exclusive right to use that mark to identify or represent its products or services. In India, Intellectual […]

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