Everything to know about MeeSeva Online Portal

In Telugu MeeSeva “MeeSeva” means “at your service” (i.e. citizens’ services). This is an effort of good governance for a whole range of G2C& G2B services. MeeSeva’s mission is to provide intelligent, citizen-centered, legal, efficient, and technology-based governance. It requires uniform and non-discriminatory delivery to residents and businessmen of all states of government services and increased […]

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eFORM ACTIVE (INC-22A): Applicability, Filing Fee And Requirements

An online form for the address validation of a company is known as eFORM ACTIVE INC-22A (Applicable Tagging Identities and Verification) . If a company wants to change it’s registered address, it can be done through eFORM ACTIVE. It is compulsory to fill the INC-22A form for the authentication of their registered office address. This has […]

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Leave and License Agreement: All things to know about Leave and License Agreement

A leave and license agreement are compatible with a rental agreement. Simply put, a leave and license is an understanding, where one party (the owner, named the ‘licensor’) provides a limited right to use his/her premises to the other party (called the ‘licensee’) for rent. This arrangement is recommended since it generates no lasting legal rights […]

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How to Register a Company in India: Step by Step Procedure To start and run a succesfull business you need to be legally compliant with all the formalities of company incorporation. Let's look at how to register a company legally in India

India has always been a land of opportunity for businesses to thrive with a wide potential consumer base of over 1.35 billion as of 2018. There are about 11,89,826  active companies operating in India as of June 2018. India also has been getting rid of archaic and out-of-date laws and enabling ease of doing […]

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Everything you need to know about the Company Incorporation Procedure in India Incorporating a company in India is a comprehensive step-by-step procedure which requires careful considerations lets look at the procedure in detail

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Restrictions on transfer of Physical Shares | SEBI sets deadline of 5 Dec 2018

Physical Shares

Companies operating as a public company are free to trade shares once they are done with the company registration procedure. Dealing with physical shares of a company is a cumbersome procedure. Physical shares bring with them a whole array of problems. For eg. the problem of […]

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