Types of Trademarks Registered in India Types of Trademarks

Types of Trademarks Registered in India
Trademarks are pieces of intellectual property that include names, words, signs, and expressions that set one company or brand apart from those of its competitors. A trademark is a valuable tool that a proprietor can use to monetize both his trademark and his product. Additionally, trademarks serve as a barrier between […]

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All you need to know about Trademark Search Before registering a Trademark it is essential to check for violations/ infringement of existing trademarks as it can raise objections in the eyes of the law.


LegalRaasta’s Trademark Search is a one-stop shop for all your trademarks searching needs. It gives a bird’s eyes view of all the things required in a trademark search. It provides a list of all well-known trademarks, prohibited marks, Vienna code classification, and International Non-Proprietary Names. At a quick glance, you would be able to eliminate […]

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