GST Registration certificate: How to download it from GST portal

GST Registration Certificate is given to GST-registered individuals. Those that have a GST registration certificate are expected to show it prominently in their place of business. The method of obtaining a GST certificate is relatively simple. In this post, we’ll go over how to get your GST certificate from the GST Portal.

Introduction to GST […]

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Impact of GST on Rental Properties – Commercial and Household


With the Introduction of this act, there were minor changes introduced on commercial rental income, the limit was 10 Lakh for commercial rental income, with the introduction of GST it raised to 20 lakhs. Since rent has been an important source of income for many and here so the implementation of GST on commercial rental property […]

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How to manage inventories

‘Inventory Management is stock management’.The discipline carryout stocks.

Meaning of inventory

Inventory is a list of tangible materials and goods that carry economic value and detains in variant forms by the firm, business or the companies. It is the finest asset for business retained for an optimum goal of resale. Inventory is a tag for goods which are […]

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All about Suo Moto Registration & its Cancellation

Under Section 25(8), when a person who is liable to get registration under the GST Act, but has failed to do so, for whatever reasons. And it comes to the notice of an officer, during a survey, inquiry, inspection, search or some other proceedings under the Act.

Thereafter, that officer can take action to generate a Temporary ID, on […]

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How to get GST registration with the help of LegalRaasta?

GST is basically a destination based tax that is applicable at the time of consumption of services and products by the end-user. The GST tax is similar to the VAT tax that applies to the goods and services rendered to the end-user. Also, GST taxation law is made to ensure the financial transactions of the businesses […]

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