Are hashtags Intellectual Property

Have you protected a Hashtag on Social Media?

In the current regime, the hashtags have taken over Social Media and started a trend to use a hashtag for any specific content or things that can ultimately boost consumer engagement with your business. Hashtags began on Twitter and now have spread to other major social media websites also […]

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Securing Your Startup’s Intellectual Property Rights: Patent vs Trade Secret

Secure your Intellectual Property Rights- An Overview

With the growing rate of startups in India, there is a need to aware the citizens about the importance of protecting the Intellectual Property Rights through various methods such as Patent Registration, Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration. Novice entrepreneurs who have just […]

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How to protect your Startup Idea? (Intellectual Property)

Startups and the Endless Possibilities

Sometimes a big corporation isn’t big enough for your brilliant ideas and you decide to go out into the free market and form your own startup. That’s great! You can now explore all options, work passionately on your interests and provide real-time value to the people. However, after […]

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