Details On TDS Penalty And Interest For Late Payment

The TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) penalty for late filing of TDS Return is a fine of Rs. 200 per day under Section 234E. Tax Deducted at Source also known as TDS was introduced with the aim of collecting tax from the very source of income. According to the concept of tax deducted […]

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TAN Number : Registration and Procedure


TAN is a (Tax deduction and collection Account number) 10 digit alphameric number. It is essential to attain by all individuals who are liable to subtract for TDS ( Tax Deduction at source ). They have to apply for a TAN number and do TAN Registration. Even, you have to take this number in all […]

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What is TDS? Steps to file TDS Return online

TDS: What is it?

TDS is short for “Tax Deducted at  Source”. As the name suggests, TDS has been introduced to collect tax at the source from which an individual’s income is generated. The provision of TDS was introduced to put a curb to tax evasion measures being taken by fraudulent individuals. This […]

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