Role of Fund Manager in Mutual Funds


The management of the portfolio of stocks and bonds, as well as any other asset type, is one of the most significant components of mutual fund investment. There is significant role of fund manager in mutual funds. A fund manager manages the fund either actively or passively. This has a significant impact on the fund’s […]

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Types of credit cards in India

The rising usage of credit cards has caused a disruption in the lending and credit markets. Many new cards hit the market on a regular basis, each with a unique set of characteristics and benefits. These characteristics and benefits help to classify the cards into various categories. These categories are used to help people choose a […]

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Gilt Funds

One of the most important considerations an investor must make when investing is selecting how much risk he is prepared to face with his money. Should he go for rapid expansion or capital preservation? For capital preservation, investors with a lower risk tolerance typically turn to debt funds. Debt funds come in a variety of shapes […]

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Arbitrage funds

Arbitrage funds focus on equity share mispricing in the spot and futures markets. To generate maximum returns, it mostly takes advantage of price disparities between current and future securities. The fund manager buys shares in the cash market and sells them in the futures or derivatives markets at the same time. The return you get […]

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Credit Rating Agencies in India

Credit ratings are an essential factor in the working of industries and sectors, as it is a validation tool for most financial decisions. It acts as a benchmark to measure the creditworthiness of borrowers such as companies and governments. It also helps fund managers to make investment decisions. In India, there are five major credit rating […]

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