Court Marriage in India: Procedure, Acts, Eligibility & Age

There are two acts under which court marriage in India is solemnized: the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court marriages in India are deemed to perform under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Irrespective of their religion, caste, or creed court marriage can be performed between an Indian male and a […]

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Marriage Registration: Procedure, Documents & Timelines

In India, marriages can be registered under two acts namely, the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, or the Special Marriage Act, 1954. In 2006, it was made mandatory by the Supreme Court of India to register all marriages. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable for Hindus, whereas the Special Marriage Act is applicable to all […]

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The best Online CA services available for a company

Introduction to online ca services

How to choose the best online ca services for company registration? This a very common question among the companies.

online ca services keep on adding and subtracting plus mandatory company’s growth as well. For example, GST its a part of the tax system nowadays. Also, obligatory for the trading of goods. There are numerous online […]

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Credit Co-operative society : Registration and Benefits

Introduction to credit cooperative society registration

Credit cooperative society registration is basically registering credit cooperative society according to the legal documentation and with a group of people who have the same motive. Society Registration is very important for credit co-operative society

The credit cooperative society is one of the types of

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What is MUDRA loan | How to apply for MUDRA Loan

What is MUDRA?

PMMY or Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana is a facility provided by the government of India to help all the micro, small and medium enterprises financially. It was announced in the Financial budget of 2015 and launched on 8th April 2015. MUDRA stands for Micro-Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd. For such a […]

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Eligibility criteria for fssai central license

FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority is the initial Administrative Body in India. It lays down the entire criteria for the food business operators (FBO) depending upon the type or kind of business. Central FSSAI License is given to the food business operator who is operating their business on a wide scale or big […]

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